29 Apr 2008

You Got To Be In It To Win It

We did it. We're there. I can't belive it. It's true, really true. Like the Spartans, like the rebel alliance, like the red army of russia we took an oath tonight.

"THEY SHALL NOT PASS!" Wave after after wave of threat crashed against of shore and each one was shrugged off with a spirit of united unity. A passion to be there. to be there to win it.

One beautiful strike of inflated leather, a cut of the air, a ripple of a net, a million voices joyous.

I am so happy. About an hour ago I was emotionally vomitting all over the sitting room and tears were pouring out of every pore but one goal and one mighty effort has put us into the final of the Champions League. the greatest club final in the world.

I love you and I love the people you love. I am sitting here with a beer listening to the Stone Roses and it feels so right. Bask in my happiness, share in my joy. Tonight may be passing fancy but the glory will live on in my heart forever. I love you all.

This is the one, This is the one, THIS IS THE ONE. This is the one.

The Stone Roses - This Is The One

28 Apr 2008

Two Sides To The Weekend

There was nothing beautiful about the last weekend. My team were robbed off the title...for now, when a referee gave a 40-60 decision in favour of Chelsea. Sunday improved with a Celtic win and a lurvly day in the pub. But when you think about it compared to a blue rose in Paris it don't compare.

So it's Monday. And why not deliver some surgical, clinical techno fun. Alex Smoke can be seen wandering about Glasgow but his music is universal. This track is would be the soundtrack to Tron if it were a road movie set in a commodore 64.

Juan McLean is part of the DFA stable and represents a fine expression of the music robots would make in their bedrooms after the terminator eventually knobbles sarah connor.

I like robots. Especially ones with musical notes.

Alex Smoke - Never Want To See You Again

Juan Mclean - Shining Skinned Friend

26 Apr 2008

Back To Basics

A wee Saturday morning post. May even do one later depending on what happens in the United - Chelsea. It's a big game. A game for basics to be returned to and stuck to. Simple A to B passes. Quick, crisp and clinical. The nerves are starting to fall apart in the arse-end of the season. We can do it against Chelsea. We can do it against Barca.

For those who don't like football, then enjoy your stress free week.

Here is a couple of back to basics tunes. Glen Campbell even stripped quality away from his entry.

Barry Polisor - All I Want Is You

Glen Campbell - Sunflower

21 Apr 2008

Does The Wind Have A Sound?

A question? Yes. After spending a delightful Sunday afternoon with ma mucka J to the A by the C to the K with an I not forgetting the E, I was wandering down an extremely windy street and I couldn't hear my missus on the phone it was so loud.

But does wind have a sound? Before you answer I want to say I realise that all sound is a processing by the ear processing waves and the brain forming this into their distinct elements causing to recognise it.

However, for me their has to be a difference between wind and say the sound of a car starting, a bottle smashing, drums being played or a creaking hinge. All of those surely have at their source a physical act, a clash of substances, materials, surfaces which cause a sound to then be picked up by your ears.

Surely wind just enters your ear, pure and carrying no alien substance, with the sound off the wing just being the sound of the air coming into to contact with our ear drums. Know what I mean?

Anyhoo, sitting in the flat listening to vinyl. jazz vinyl!!! Joe Henderson to be exact. But it aint just being posted tonight. First up is Black Moth Super Rainbow. I came across a couple of their tracks last year and bought their album, Dandelion Gum, all the way from America. A kinda psychedalic Boards of Canada. One of the my best finds ever (although by finding it I mean I just bought it before some others did??)

Second track up is another piece of electric pie. This time from Sweden. The Field is another act I found through other blogs and although it it is not the most ground breaking techno I have heard it has a simplicity and a dance-ability that a lot of other techno producers have forgotten about in the search for more clinical, exacting sounds.

Come to think of it I heard both BMSR and The Field on Covert Curiousity, one of my essential sites to visit. So check it out please and beware the wind in your ears.

BMSR - Rollerdisco

The Field - Sun & Ice

16 Apr 2008

Golden Wonder Crisps Are So 80s

I fancy putting out a wee post as I have forgotten the last couple of nights and I am just about to head out to watch the old firm game. Hail, Hail n all that sort of thing.

Just heard the Bank Of England is going to bail out banks with bad investments so that they can fresh money in from each other while the tax payers will cover the mortgage type things that have caused so much of this credit crunchie thing. I wish I was a bank.

i would be a lovely bank. Everyday would be bank holiday. I would not have ridiculous advertising inside. I would just have a big vault guarded by a lion made of Quorn Burgers, where people could put their money and know it was there when they need it. Instead of interest I would offer opinions, handy hints and help with their flit.

Anyhoo Golden Wonder crisps??? They used to be the boss. Now they are just also rans in the shadow of Walkers. Funny how that happens. Could be worse, they could be KP crisps. I think you only get them in working men's social clubs know.

Here is some hip hop. From england.

cLOUDDEAD - apt.a

Edit: Oh dear. Shame upon me. I must apologise to cloudhead who are actually from Oakland, California. Lazy blog meant that just because the track was released on an english label, Big Dadda, i said the track was english. Sorry to misinform and thank you allan.

12 Apr 2008

Wonderful World, Beautiful People?

A quick wee Saturday post. Love is in air...I wish. A ragin' anger at Her Majesty's Mail is really in the air. Ordered a ******* from play.com which arrived on Wednesday but was too big for the letter box. I wait for the 24 hours to pass and head to delivery office which is in an industrial estate somewhere in middle earth.

Not there. I ask for it to be sent o my local post office. No problem, should be there Friday. Not there Friday. Not there Saturday. Head back to middle earth. Not there. Where is it? "it's not been returned yet." Considering it was delivered on Wednesday should it not be here three days later? "They may be busy." Who? "The mail centre."

Where the fuck is it? I know its not the posties fault but come on give me a little sugar rather than a "dunno." Anyhoo I needed that rant and hopefully it will appear on Monday without the need to head back middle earth one more time.

To combat my feeling of hate, here is some love. Lady Smith found this link on a late night internet trawling mission. Just have a wee look and enjoy the low level indicators of brothers and sisters getting a little too close. And the names? I wanna be a Scroggy.

So anyhooo, enjoy these tracks of love and passion.

Nancy Sinatra - God Knows I Love You

The Flying Burrito Brothers - Wild Horses

9 Apr 2008

Beat Fatigue Leads To Jangly Revolt

Sitting in listening to Waylon Jennings' Honky Tonk Heroes plotting what I'll do in the next 40 mins before I crash. Man United won tonight and go on to face the mighty Barca so I feel contented for a time.

The Beach Boys are great and as per my first ever post on this blog my understanding of their careers and creative high points was sorely mistaken until I delved a little deeper and found more greatness beyond Pet Sounds and Smiley Smile.

But before The Beach Boys were The Byrds. For me that is. I suppose The Byrds were a bit more accessible and big shouts go to Allan for introducing them to me. Initially I liked them because they were like The Beatles but with a sunny psychadelic fusion.

But as I grow out of The Beatles (like we should all do) I found more reasons to love and appreciate The Byrds. While their first three albums were more of a collection of singles than a coherent vision, as they became less popular their output increased in depth and quality. I could go on but as I say on many things, 'i aint no eggspurt.'

I have chosen two significant songs for me. The first is bassist Chris Hillman's first solo writing credit for the band. I like Time Between because it shows a band continuing to reject Beatles sentimonies and embrace their own and Hillman's country roots. Ooh check me and the fancy talk. The second track is tender but still powerful protest song. Old song, same global situation. If you want to more about the byrds this old but relatively indepth websiteon The Byrds and the splinter groups that spun of the group is interesting.

PS. Found the Sonny Bono pic while searching for an appropriate Byrds one. Could not say no to it.

The Byrds - Time Between

The Byrds - Draft Morning

7 Apr 2008

Chick Pea Horrors

Oh what a lovely evening it could have been. After a wonderfully suprising invite to her, I was going to meeting with Jackie at a lurvly Lebanese cafe where I would have ordered falafel that looked exactly like the picture. Gossip! Good Chat! Laughter!

Ruined. Ruined by and excess amount of drink the previous night. As I lay horizontally on the sofa watching the footie, little did I know that when stood up this would happen...

So I had to cancel. Anyhooo, what you gonna do when the body says no. So as a homage to sickess of a jungle kind and a sorry to Jackie here is todays cuts.

Metalheadz was one of the key jungle labels in the development of drum 'n' bass. That's old news and I am not trying to say I am an expert of something. Been going back over my jungle recently. A lot of it and funkin' amazing and brought back a lot of memories of the Speirs Warf Massive. I have decided to put up a couple of J Magik tracks. One a classic slice of the genre and the other a delightful scoop of electronica.

Following that is Roy Davis Jnr. One of the all time super great tracks. One I know Jackie likes. Sorry Jackson. You, me, elaine and falafel asap.

J Magik - Future State

J Majik - Elysian Fields

Roy Davis Jnr feat Peven Everett - Gabriel (live garage edit)

2 Apr 2008

Racist Bread

Yeah you heard. It's the whitest bread known to man. It's proud. So proud that it's name is pride. White Pride!!! Try marg, try jam, try ketchup, try coffee. Nothing gives this a deeper flavour. A soul.

Someone say soul? Well I gotta a little bit here for your aural pleasure. The Persuaders was not just the name of a terrible 1970s TV show featuring the combined acting talent of roger moore and tony curtis but also the name of a smooth philly soul group. This track is from the excellent Creme de la Creme 2 compilation released....mmm early last year I think.

The second track is from the soul but a sould less ineterested in romantic liasons than with The Man. The white man. I cannot confirm if much of the Watts Prophets cynical proto-rap is aimed at Mother's Pride breadery produce but I for one wont be buying it anytime soon. The fact I have not bought it since its 20p price attracted me as a student in no need of fibre, means nought.

The Persuaders - Some Guys Have All The Luck

The Watts Prophets - Dem Niggers Ain't Playing