26 May 2008

Summer is here

Oh man! What a lovely day yesterday Got some provisions and set up some barbacue's in the girlfirends back garden and me, her, her niece, sister and future sister in law enjoyed some rays and blue bloooo sky during the afternoon and early evening.

Had some grub, drank some beer and got some sun of my face. Feel recharged or atleast less drained.

So thought I should slip on a couple of summer orientated tunes and let the summer mood get internetised. And before you say anything, the link is the they have summer in the title so no remarks about Indian Summer being a late summer/early autumn thing.

yes, first up is The Doors. This is from Morrison Hotel. Its the album that, for me, saved them from oblivion after the patchy Waiting For The Sun and Soft Parade. It's a real smooth trippy warm evening sound.

Next up is the daddy. Frankie boy and his summer wind. Only bettered by Martin in the Simpsons when his swimming pool collapses.

The Doors - Indian Summer

Frank Sinatra - Summer Wind

20 May 2008

Les poulet-cheins (The Chicken-Muts)

Was listening to the new Sebastian Tellier album the other day. Got to be honest that after his two tracks on the Lost In Translation I have always been very excited about hearing his new work.

However, my excitement, or interest which would be a more appropriate word, has always been folowed by disappointment. Much if his output really does not match his potential and seems stuck between two dimensions. One celebrating eighties euro electro pastiche...the other a casio dominated world where calculator watches appear useful.

Anyway, so I was listening to one of the better tracks and it reminded me of all those great cartoons from my childhood. Like Dogtanian, Belle & Sebastian or Ulysses, Sory the spelling but i canna be bothered checking it. Anyway you get the point.

The cartoon would be called Les Poulet-Cheins in France but is translated into the Chicken-Muts. It's the classic cartoon stories of loved ones being separated, trying to find one another and meeting friends and foes in adventures along the way.

In this cartoon a dog and chicken that work in a circus fall in love. They hide their love from the evil circus master, Robespierre, until little chicken-muts crack open the eggs instead of the expected chicks. Furious with his two employees Robespierre banishes the dog, sends the chicken to a catholic home for fowl lady chickens and sells the offspring on ebay (or as the french say - ebay).

Need I say more. Each of the 79 episodes would find the three sets of characters struggling across a sometimes ferocious environment to find each other...will they make it...who knows.

I like to think the Air track would the theme tune while the Tellier track would be chase/dramatic score to chases and near misses.

Air - clouds Up

Sebastian Tellier - Sexual Sportswear

ps> sorry the second track is a wma, Forgot to amend it.

18 May 2008


Really tired. Did not get in until half five this morning and can feel it in my eyes, frontal lobes and gut.

Its a nice day so will go for a wee wander after posting this and buy some houmous and milk.

Not really got much to say except nuclear weapons are bad, fuck the queen and haven't vaccum cleaners changed a lot over the years.

Today's track is a little french number from Saint Germain. It fits into my mood and is a real drifter with soft jazzy samples and a wee repetitive beat. Sit back, sip some tea, lick a lolly and fall in love.

Saint Germain - Easy To Remember

10 May 2008

That New Toy Smell

Hey there blimpy boys, flying through the air so fancy free!

So yeah, I got myself a new toy. After three years of my wonderful iriver H320 with the hours, days and months of accummulated time that it gave me aural stimulation, it's time to say a bientot.

It's replacement is a Cowon D2. Only 4gb but with scope for memory expansion and its smaller, lighter and touch screen. last year I tried out an iaudio 7 but was not really comfortable with its tiny size and navigation. But this seems a more than capable for the classic iriver.

Got it this morning and I'm already finding it really intuitive. Sound quality is great and the touch screen is simple to get used to. Think this could be the beginning of something beautiful.

So what was first track on this player. My first listen. Well its something I picked up from a blog recently. To be honest I cannot remember who put it up but thank you. Its a group called Escort from New York. Its so addictive with those constant quick fire vocals and disco-funk sensabilities. If you like the track then please check out the video, synched to the Muppets.

Escort - All Through The Night

3 May 2008

Workers Of the World Unite!

Happy May Day my comrades. I know its a couple of days but was not able to spend the time required to put the post up. So yes, May Day. the date in history which has always been for the people, the common man, the working woman. It's not celebrated or treated in the same way as it used to be in Scotland but across the world from Cuba to India and South Africa to Italy thousands will march for another world. A world free of poverty, intolerance and war.

It's in easy in my present political manifestation to just glide along in a state of irony at the double standards and double crosses of big business, politicians and the reactionary thousands who think that locking up junkies will cure society's ills. But I am a socialist and proud of it. So its fitting to play a few songs which reflect our struggle and our hope. Also these are pretyy damn fine tunes.

First up is a slice of classic protest. Phil ochs may not get the headlines of Bob Dylan or woody Guthrie but his spirit rages through through that guitar. Speaking of Woody Guthrie, the second cut is a version of his anthem, This land Is Your Land. it's by Sharon Jones. I'll be honest. I know a lot of people like her and her blend of soul but its all feels a little to cleaned up and corporate for my liking. However, this is an excellent version of the Guthrie's classic so enjoy.

Third up is some real soul heroes, The Staple Singers. I love how their songs are so beautiful but when required, shake their heads in disapproval at the target of the injustice. Lastly is some angry Hip Hop and found while rummaging around the net. Don't know much about them but like their words.

Enjoy your weekend.

Phil Ochs - The Ballad of William Worthy

Sharon Jones & The Dap Kings- This Land Is Your Land

The Staple Singers - When Will We get Paid

Los Nativos - Black Flag Red Star