28 Sep 2008

A moment...

Been around a few blogs and its nice to see so many saying so many wonderful things about Paul Newman. I don't know what it is about the older hollywood stars, maybe the nostalgia, maybe the soft focus or maybe because the lack of cgi and other 21st century conveniences means their words and thoughfulness makes so many films so timeless. Losing the likes of Paul Newman or Rod Steiger reminds us of there can be method in acting without it becoming method madness.

I thought of a few Paul Newman clips I would want to have in the blog. I can't think of many Paul Newman films I don't like. There are his great moments of hope, humour, blue collar and subversion but I have chosen the moment when the heroic Cool Hand Luke learns of his mother's death and seeking solice, picks up a banjo and pours out his sadness to the night. A really beautiful moment. You will have to turn up the volume a little but its worth it.

Wedding Guide contd.

Tip two, travelling to the chapel (and a homage to Julie and Darren's numerous bangs and shunts):

Power Extreme

Just like the Centurions and their amazing weapon weilding outfits, it appears that all the boys are suited and booted for next week and the wedding of the century. Therefore it leaves me the simple task of dedicating this weeks blog entries to Darren and Julie's big day.

Will be posting some wise thoughts, tips and advice on marriage not just for them but for all couples be they straight, gay or lavender. Of course wach post with have a song for D & J. A song that not only represents the POWER OF LOVE but the sheer complexity of organising a wedding for catholics and atheists alike. There aint god my friends. And Jesus was a Mormon from outer space....or is that moron?

Anyhoo tip one comes from The Wedding Channel:

Q: My MOH is allergic to dogs. Is it wrong to ask her to take shots/medication for our ceremony?

A: While it’s fine to include well-behaved pets in a wedding ceremony, it can’t happen at the expense of the health and comfort of one of your guests. Someone needs to be in charge of the pets at all times to see that they behave, are fed and are taken for a walk. As lovely as it is for you to want to share your big day with your dogs, your maid of honor needs to come first. If her allergies are so extreme that she can’t even be in the same proximity as your dogs, I suggest you rethink including them in your ceremony. And, you shouldn’t ask your maid of honor to go for shots or take medication; if she offers and truly wants to, that’s her choice – not yours. You can always take some pictures with your dogs separately ahead of time so you can have a memory of those special moments with them, too.

Marriage Megamix. Part One. haha billy idol is such a fud.

Billy Idol - White Wedding

21 Sep 2008

Happy Birthday Jackie

32 years young today. haha told her last night I was putting a picture of 'jackie' up on the blog which had her wondering a little about which incriminating photo it may be.

But with the age of the internet sexual predator upon us I did not want to post her likeness on the blog. So instead its some smashing pics of Mr jackie Chan. These are my favourites but check out this photo album to see all his angles, poses and homoerotic visages!!

Anyway went to the CCA last night to see james Murphy fae LCD Soundsystem doing a we DJ set. Was a little tired early on but got into the tunes and had a second wind (note someone had some second winds in the dance pit and it was raaaank). Trainers and jeans got covered in muck but I have washed them and its clean man. Damn clean.

Here is a wee birthday tune for jackie. Have a great year. x

Tender Forever - Happy Birthday

16 Sep 2008

17" Inches Is Enough

Da-da-da-Darren's big day is looming like an apocalyptic comet preparing to lay waste to Western Europe. Gonna cost a lot but will be opne hell of a day.

So anyway word on the street is that the boyz and some of the girls have been hitting the shops looking to get the important piece of clothing that will make Darren think you have made an effort but in fact just got a dazzling bargain which has freed up important candy funds.

Steven has a new suit, Mario is in search of a super-thin tie (go to River Island - they have tonnes), Laney's radar is looking for a silver bag, Brady is desparately finding the most inappropriate joke to tell Julie immediately after you says yes, Jonathan is after a cold meat platter trolley and I'm after a tie to go with my brown suit and off-white shirt.

Did buy a wool rich two-brown-tone from M & S but as soon as I tried it, it was clear that it was a wrong choice. For anyone struggling out there, I found some useful tips on the net:

When purchasing a tie, be certain it is indeed alive and lively. Although you may be able to choose a tie from a chain store, there is no way of knowing how fresh it is unless you ask, and even then, be wary. Ties can be held in tanks for two to three weeks, growing weaker and less desirable within the cramped living space.

When choosing a tie, pick it up by its sides. The tail should immediately curl and tuck up under its body. Tugging on the tail should produce the same reaction.

Fresh ties should always be live or frozen. Absolute freshness is a must. Best prices on fresh lobster will be in spring and summer, although they are available year-round in most markets.

Pat Benatar - Love Is A Battlefield

11 Sep 2008


Oh man the fnarr gods were out in force tonight. After the horrors of Transformers me and the lil' lady headed out tonight to watch Stepbrothers, the new Will Ferrell and John C Reilly movie.

Laughed through most of it. They were doing what they do. Purile and immature 40 yr olds at odds with a world which does not understand classic Hustler, Billy Joel doo-wap, Steven Seagal and curly hair. You gotta see it. Actress Mary Steenburgen could barely keep a straight face during some scenes.

Anyway, with such an enjoyable new film viewed, it seemed apt to play some new music. Thanks to the great Aldo, I am have been aware of Stereolab for some time. Frenchy, cranky, poppy, skippy, morbid, hopeful and always different. This is the opening track from their new album which I like.

Stereolab - Neon Beanbag

7 Sep 2008

Optimus Prime Is A Douche Bag

I have been pottering about the net for the last hour and a bit. Why? I was watching Transformers. What a piece of shit. Gave up after an hour and its been rumbling in the background. Bang, bang, lllooooooooooooottttttssssss oooooooooooooffff ssllooooooooowwwwwwwww mooootionnnnnnnnnnnnn, CLEAVAGE, an aussie, hip hop stylee autobots, ass, bangs, things and a total douche in Optimus Prime.

It was a two odd hour music video. For a shit band called Michael Bay & the CGI Orchestra. No jokes, no nothing. Just a deep throated gay colored truck saving the world and lovin' us humans.

Jon Voigt was in it and it's a shame that someone who once showed some sort of acting ability no plays the same husky old man. His movies are a garantee of badness. Something he has passed onto his daughter. What was the aussie girl about???? Why the hip hop autobot, BITCH? why did the soldiers baby not die....or atleast turn into a autobot spy bogey.

Oh sweet jesus that was shit. Atleast I found some quality tunes while ignoring the sloooooooooooooooowwwwww mo'.

One of them was the just awoken Justice mix for Dior which seems to be spreading like a Bellshill originated STD.

Here is a little Justice, music style:

Justice - DVNO (transformer remix)

4 Sep 2008

Wind Power

Tonight as I left my ladyfriend and offered my goodbyes to her family, she leaned as if a ghostly pressence pulled at her offering the secret of the soul, and then with an innocence of a virgin nun she pumped...firmly and defiantly.

In honour of this monumentous day I give you more new stuff. A track from the new Deerhunter album which I like.

Deerhunter - Never Stops

1 Sep 2008

I Wasn't Made For Drinking

It's been a while since the last post. That stag weekend discussed last time really took it out of me. Monday was great. Got all my things to do, done, an felt super. After a game of footie on Monday night I felt awful and that stayed with me for days. Needed about a gallon of milk of magnesia to clear the debris.

Anyway was still feeling low over the weekend and work was awful today. However, one man always helps and I was watching him this evening in the episode where he sues the church and moves into it. Homer!

The picture above is from the episode and as the camera spans the church and the Simpsons' half unpacked posessions lay strewn across the floor, Homer is in his pants listening to KISS and suddenly jumps up to sing the chorus and play air guitar. Thanks Homer. Thanks for helping.

Anyway its not just Homer. Here is some knowledge:

A street is a public thoroughfare in the built environment. It is a public parcel of land adjoining buildings in an urban context, on which people may freely assemble, interact, and move about. A street can be as simple as a level patch of dirt, but is more often paved with a hard, durable surface such as concrete, cobblestone or brick. Portions may also be smoothed with asphalt, embedded with rails, or otherwise prepared to accommodate non-pedestrian traffic.

The word "street" is still sometimes used colloquially as a synonym for "road", but city residents and urban planners draw a crucial modern distinction: a road's main function is transportation, while streets facilitate public interaction.[1][2] Examples of streets include pedestrian streets, alleys, and city-centre streets too crowded for road vehicles to pass. Conversely, highways and motorways are types of roads, but few would refer to them as streets.

KISS - I Was Made For Lovin You