30 Jun 2009

Lick My Dubplate

Not sure why its been on my mind but been thinking about my days in the jungle. Drum n Bass. Dancing like a crazed witch doctor with the body representing the bass and the hands and arms the breaks and beats.

The interest started in early 1996 if I remember. I was bored one day and picked up a copy of a compilation which had a massive impact on my musical horizons. Then it was a matter of buying more and more cd's and more importantly records. Jungle made my collection explode from a minor hamlet to a large cosmopolitan town. The guys, Allan, Mark, Paul and Lee to name a few all had jungle fever and it meant some great nights, epic gigs, so-so gigs, supercool clothes and a pair of teflon combats!!!

So Pontiac will be celebrating jungle this week from my perspective as a proud former junglist.

So what was that first comp? LTJ Bukem's Logical Progression. Muzik magazine, which in its hey day between 1995-98 was a passionate supporter of jungle, gave an excellent review of the compilation and had a great pic of Bukem wearing he trademark funky specs and a thick silver winter jacket. Did not run out to FOPP then and there but it nestled in my head and on a bored trip to town to avoid some annoying flatmates I bought.

It was unbelievable and I just kept listening to it again and again. The 1st CD was indiviual tracks and the 2nd was a mix by Bukem. A total revelation. And from there I bought Moving Shadow, No U-Turn, Reprezent, Metalheadz, Ram, V and so on. This week I am going to remember some of the highlights of my time in the jungle. When it threatened to break into the mainstream before retreating back to where it worked best. The dirty end of experimental dance music.

My first track is from the Logical Progression. No going for a Bukem track as they are everywhere. But wanted to give a shout to Peshay. This track is a belter. Drum n Bass to drag you onto the dancefloor combined with a soulsister vocal.

Peshay - Vocal Tune

25 Jun 2009

NEWS FLASH ***Michael J Fox Is Alive***

Pontiac Dream can confirm that the reports of Michael J Fox's death due to an exposure to plutonium are unfounded. Michael continues to be a much loved star whose campaigning for greater stem cell research is an inspiration to millions.

22 Jun 2009

Canadian Baking

Since its mid-season in tv land and there is absolutely nothing to watch in the evenings (not even Admiral Baby) I have started to roam the channels beyond Come Done With Me marathons and Virgin's on demand section.

On Friday there appeared to be one of BBC Four theme evenings. Friday was Leonard Cohen, the bruising canadian dark poet. before you could say 'rusty razor blade slicing frantically' I was listening to the big man on Spotify.

I aint one to assume the position of number one fan. I also will admit that I only own a single best of album. Furthermore I will swear on the Koran that there is loads of Leonard which is totally unlistenable. But from the one best of...and from the other tracks I have picked up through blog rummaging, I can confidently say I think he is immense.

He is not some miserablist as some would paint him. For me he just starts in the shadows and moves to the darkness. It's not about tricking you and taking you with him. They're small glimpses of like in Cohen-world, and that world aint Disney Land. Who would want that?

The picture above is of Warren Beatty from Robert Altman's Mr McCabe & Mrs Miller, one of the great 70s anti-westerns. The score is 100% Cohen and gives the film are more dream like quality.

Of the two tracks I have chosen one is my favourite Cohen track, Hey, That's No Way To Say Goodbye and a prominent track from the above mentioned western, Sisters Of Mercy. Hey, That's No... is beautiful with its acoustic intro, devasting opening line and sirens singing the chorus behind Cohen. A song to hear before you die.

Leonard Cohen - Hey, That's No Way To Say Goodbye

Leonard Cohen - Sisters Of Mercy

21 Jun 2009

Pimp My Wheelchair

So last Monday I had the day off work to recover from an excessive Sunday afternoon and evening of drinking. Part of the recovery programme was a daytime visit to the cinema. A time where the cinema as a whole is more serene than its normal atmos of an infestation of gremlins.

My choice was Star Trek. I aint a trekkie. I do not really enjoy the original series that much. But I appreciate its campness, enjoy the movies and from time to time will admit the chemistry between the main characters to a be joyful.

The new reimaging of the franchise was pretty good. Kirk is a flawed hero-goofball, Spock is logical, Bones moans, Scottie auch's & recalibrates and a guy in red gets killed. While the time vortex stylee plot was a 'lil unoriginal and the appearance of Leonard Nimoy was annoyingly self knowing, it was a solid 7/10.

But I need to address something. As far as I can see one of Star Trek's strongest points is its relatively complex environment. Warp speed, phasers, klingons, romulans, teleportation, different languages, vulcan culture, 23rd century medicine, time travel, androids, flying cars etc etc. you get the point. A whole new universe which has its roots in a contemporary vision of what may be.

Its strange then that at the end when Kirk and co are getting medals and praise from the Federation that the captain that they save enters stage left. Sitting in and being pushed along in, a wheelchair.

Bizarrely someone took the effort to pimp that ride by giving it bigger wheel trims but given the technology available why does the wheelchair still exist. Why is being pushed? Why does he not have a joystick. Even wheelchairs in 1997 had user control!!! Why did he not float in on some hoverboard thing? Why not mechanical leg joints? Why was he not walking because of some tool Bones attached to his spine?

I aint being smart or smug by pointing out continuity errors or something like that. People who do that are baaaad ok.

Its just feels like someone went to bed early.

17 Jun 2009

Super Troupers

Well its been too long in coming and by golly what a way to launch themselves on Pontiac Dream.

While I hosted a Camera Obscura track last week, little did I know that would prompt ex-Scottish comedian and know superstar in the field of American chatshows, Craig Ferguson, to give them a slot on his show.

Seriously, when Allan (ta Aldo) posted this on Facebook I was in awe and more than a little impressed with C Ob (as we call them on the street). Please spend some time watching the below clip:

Impressed. Well if not then here is another taster. Straight from their latest album I am glad to host the title track, My Maudlin Career, and album closer, Honey In The Sun.

Both show C Ob at their best. Production that improves which each album and they're comfortable slowing it down to make you nod and sway, or the usual album finale which has you shuffling and clapping. Take a good listen. Craig Freekin' Ferguson!!!

Camera Obscura - My Maudlin Career

Camera Obscura - Honey In The Sun

14 Jun 2009

West End Festivus

The sun is out...technically. But there is also some cloud activity to be wary of. Why the concern over the weather?

It's the West End Festival today so that means we're off to Kelvin Way for a bit of a street party with music, rides, balloon salesmen and barbacues. I know the West End festival is actually on over a few weeks but for most of us we only wander along to this as its a good excuse to get drunk, see friends and watch the always funny badger parade.

The photo above is some of the gang at the 2007(?) party but I am willing to be corrected. It captures the essence of the day. Friends. Beer. Shades. Tshirts. Crowds.

Me, Mrs Pontiac and elements of her family are all wandering along but I will be making a sharp exit at some point to drink and be merry. And unlike last year when I had a fookin job interview the following day, this year I am off work tomorrow.

Now I know some you, like Shatbass, will want to remind me I a potential carrier of the Pork Virus. But it's the West End so everyone has probably been travelling recently and just as likely to have it. There is also a childrens, maternity and general hospital all within 10 mins. Simply - I aint missing out because I touched paper touched by someone who touched someone with pandemic fever.

Musically I am sure there will be proto-hi-land-funk-fling, 60's tribute band for old hippies, country & westend, shat-rock and maybe ska-skiffle. Personally the soundtrack I would be like to hear would include these:

Brute Force - The Deacon

Graeme Allwright - Dommage

Tito Puente - Fancy Feet

Just chose them randomly from my 'Festivus Folder' however I am sure you will agree that would be the greatest god-damn festivus of all time.

12 Jun 2009

Porky Pig's Revenge

Well piggy flu is standing at my door and it feels great.

Today it was confirmed that the mother of a colleague in my team has swine flu. My colleague has the symptons. As I was told I turned to look at the pile of documents said colleague has passed me a day earlier and which I had been closely sifting through.

Fantastic. For once a global pandemic is taking an interest in me. I am one more step closer to be being a witness on Sky News. Hell, I may even get on CNN. HELL!!! I may even get the super flu and get some time of work. Wish I'd licked those documents.

So watch this space. I may soon be blogging from a sterile pirex bubble.

In honour of this event I am posting a track from Camera Obscura's latest album, My Maudlin Career. No idea why I have not mentioned this superb album (since I know the drummer....and boyfriend of the bassist...i'm such a whore) earlier but what the hey! I will post a few tracks from it soon but in the meantime this is the sickest track on the album.

Camera Obscura - French Navy

11 Jun 2009

Red Army Misfit Joins White Army

Well the inevitable has happened. Ronnie has stopped whispering, hinting, grunting, humming and hawwing about his love for Manchester Utd and equal desire to move to Real Madrid.

Why? Because Fergie has looked to the future and seen are best served with Ronaldo being sold to Franco's Fascists for a sweet £80 million and the squad being enhanced by two or maybe three new heroes.

I am sad to see Ronnie leave my team. There is no other player with his variety of talent and attacking options. He cannot be replaced but the team as it has done time and time again, will transform and continue in our march to victory through attack. And it wont harm us NOT having the most brattish player in the world embarrassing us.

So goodbye Ronnie. I will always remember your 2007-2008 season. 42 glorious goals...and here they are:

4 Jun 2009

So Many Things

Not really got a focus except to say.....

All the best to Dr Nick and his attempt to become a MEP. I decided against Spectre and voted for the Scottish Socialist Party. Not because I am a member of that party. Not because I agree with its decision or rational to stand in the election. Not because I will have to donate some sort of cash for the adventure.

But because my friend Nicky is on the list of candidates who could get elected. How? Well for Nick to get elected about three quarters of Scotland would have to vote SSP or atleast a 6th of them (with the first three candidates for the SSP dying of shock). So good luck Nicky.

And another thing......

In my recent praise of Shatbass and Miss Russian Army I failed to notice that was my 100th post. Well done Pontiac Dream. Thanks for stealing my thunder Shatbass!!!

Nearly finally.....

Just finished watching the season finale of Breaking Bad. Its by far the best show on TV, even if I did think the last episode had one bit 'pushing it'. More in another post.

Finally, at last...

A few months ago an italian we'll call Mazio Fragonelli sent me an email telling me to get on board with a thing called Spotify. Well I had a little look and thought, "More shit for my laptop to deal with." I was wrong. Mucho wrong as italians would say. I am no expert on these things. I am sure there are other similar things out there (Shatbass may want to big up last.fm). But it was easy to join, simple to download, childs play to use and I am listening to it now. More to folllow on this story.....Spotify, spelt S.P.O.T.I.F.Y.