1 Jul 2009

Mind Your Tech Step

Back to the jungle after my liberal America gushing.

While our little collection of junglists did a pretty good job of picking up quality drum n bass from Stirling's few decent music outlets and on trips into Glasgow, we could only touch the tip of the rapidly developing and innovating jungle scene.

So radio was vital to cath up with the latest tracks and happenings. Stirling did not have a Kool FM but we had One In The Jungle on Radio 1. Predominately hosted by Fabio and Grooverider (pictured above) it was an essential listen when we stottered back in from the pub. I used have hunners of taped shows to listen but they all disappeared years ago.

However, I recently stumbled across a One In The Jungle archive which has loads of the shows and in reasonable quality. I was relistening to the 14 March 2007, A Guy Called Gerald, MC Normski & Navigator recording. Always remember it for some reason. Hopefully the other shows will have Fabio hysterical monologues about Eastenders, Pete Beale and Arsenal.

One In The Jungle Archive

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