26 Oct 2008

Move On Up

I am moving. Heading on down the road. About 150 yards down the road to be exact. New flat with the housing association and a bunch of new worries. Money, packing, painting, plumbing and the flat pack insanity. The above pic is what I came up with following the instructions for a bathroom cabinet.

But for all the stress and concerns the flat is great and can't wait to move in with de lady.

Anyway as in previous posts I love to link up the newness of life with the newness of music. With Squarepusher everything is new and sometimes pre-new. Ever since I bought his first album, Feed Me Weird Things, in error as I was after a Genaside II album, Squarepusher (aka Tom Jenkinson) has been a bubblin' experiment.

Sometimes it can be poison with overwhelming creaks, bleeps and white noise. But at others its a complex, rampant collection of creaks, bleeps and white noise which can turn out quite beautiful.

This is a track from his new album, Just A Souvenir. Its a little different because it has vocals (be it an electronic tone), a chorus and a little message in there. Not very Squarepusher but then again what is.

Squarepusher - A Real Woman

21 Oct 2008

Big Jim Robinson

For me it was the best episode of Entourage S5 last night. After having a lot fun and at times getting bogged down in the guy fantasy the show can become, the plot reared its head and gave one of the shows most poignant moments in ages. Wont spoil it but reminded why Entourage is not just a lads wet dream but an essential piece of weekly viewing. What will Ari do?

If the quality of the episode was not enough I was overjoyed to Neighbours legend Alan Dale, aka Jim Robinson, make an appearance in about his 100th US show. As far as I can remember he has appeared in 24, Ugly Betty, Lost, The OC and even had a bit part in the latest Indiana Jones film. What a journey from the 70s brown-arange-aqua nightmare of The Young Doctors. So I salut you Jim and will hopefully see you the mini series John McCain: The Arms That Loved Too Much.

So in respect to Big Jim I offer this track, Written in homage to his acting efforts by Korean band Broadcast.*

*: parts of that last sentence maybe lies

Broadcast - Michael a Grammar

13 Oct 2008

Family Silver

Got no higher in maths. Got no confidence in ma maths. Got a SCOTVEC.

Even those credentials cannot stop me. Almost speechless recently as numbers that are so big that they escape our understanding. Billions and trillions. Just about a gazillion almost. My money, your money, our money.

All going one way. Away from us and towards those with incredible wealth. Bankers, financial advisors, stockbrokers, analysts, managers, directors, chairmen, chairladies, political appointees. And all because they wanted more all the time. If someone came to your house and asked for some sugar, then slowly ate everything in your kitchen before salting the living room table and grilling it in sweet oils, you would rightly think that they suffered from a deep greed pyschosis.

Then they waited. They called our bluff. Plenty said don't bail them out. But the banks knew their contacts and politicians stake in capitalism meant it would only be a matter of time before national responses kept them in their offices. Helping them stabilise and once again be in a position to bet on and profit from job losses, offshoring and privatisation.

Stevie Wonder - Cash In Your Face

Well the governments of the West are bailing out a system whose inherent contradictions mean that collapses like the one we face always happen and that their darwinistic tendencies means that they tear one another apart before asking for the people to save them.

Boz Scaggs (featuring Duane Allman) - Loan Me A Dime

Let the banks collapse. Or atleast let's let there value drop so we can assume full control of the systems assets. Let's take real control over. Sick of hearing about how I somehow own part of a bank because the treasurery has gave them a loan. My money going out, the treasurery's money coming back. We wont see a penny.

The final track tonight is Woody Guthrie's Pretty Boy Floyd. I love the one of its final lines. Born from the Great Depression repulsion of banks it reminds us that "some will rob with you with a six-gun and some with a fountain pen." True.

Woody Guthrie - Pretty Boy Floyd

7 Oct 2008

New Seasons

As autumn joins us we wear new clothes or atleast different clothes. The air is sharper and nights come quickly and it feels a little more cosy inside as it gets colder outside.

New seasons mean new everything. A new Simpsons season, a new Entourage season and a new Family Guy season. All return to entertain in our autumn evenings. Entourage is just as it left off, Family Guy's mixture of genuis, theft and bad taste are more focused, while the Simpsons continues to beat all the competition. Check out the opening episode from season 20 for a another hilarious Simpson's take on St Paddy's day and the Troubles. South Park is back soon for the end of season twelve. And Heroes is back and....well that is even more boring and frustrating as season two.

Joining in with this spirit of renewal I have tweeked the look of the blog just a little, but just enough to add a feel that new times are ahead. And I hope to to get back to business with the blog. Thoughts and Ideas ahead of overly personal chat.

New weather, clothes, tv needs a dessert. New music. DFA have launched a new label, Death From Abroad, and opening its catalogue is a sensational compilation techno-house-electro-disco-punk-funk inspired beats and sweeps from Berlin based label Supersoul. There only two duff tracks but out of 20 that's a good ratio. Maybe its just my inner dance junkie screaming out but have enjoyed listened the clinical but sometimes ferocious tracks on offer. Enjoy the change in seasons.

Strangelets - Riot On Planet 10(blitz_gramsci_remix)

1 Oct 2008

Pussy On A Plate

Three days and counting. Don't know when the happy couple are getting their gifts delivered but if any of it is as horrific as the dining set pictured, then it will be too soon.

There are so many questions that race through my ming looking at the cat puke yellow china with a cat picture on it as by some sort of photoshop-plate printing service. Did a couple have that on their gift list? Why would anyone choose that as the symbol of their friendship to the couple? What sort of person would look at that and say "Yes!"? Would the bride and groom be able to look into the eyes of the demented guest who brought this with them? If they came visiting months after the wedding would the plates be dusted off and used for the casserole, or would they have been destroyed in a skeet shooting trip? Would the bride and groom fight over the plates come their divorce? Would they leave them to an unlucky child in a vengeful will?

Anyway here is a wedding tip thanks to the website ukhairdrssers.com (??) yeah I know wtf:

Q. Do I have to buy a whole place setting, or can I just buy a dinner plate?

This depends on the store you're purchasing from. If you're buying fine china, you can often purchase just one item. You may find that the couple has registered for a very expensive pattern, and thus anything more than a single item will blow your budget. Its perfectly appropriate - other guests will likely fill in by purchasing the other items. Do make inquiries before hand though, this will save a lot of embarrassment in the long run!

One plate!!! Anyway while you mull over those big questions here is the brilliant Gram Parsons with a song he wrote for Darren and Julie.....around 6 years before they were born. I love the songs where Gram and Emmylou Harris were the victims of wild love. aaahh. This is from his final album Grievous Angel.

Gram Parsons - $1000 Wedding