20 Aug 2008

Aquarium Drunk Shit Blues

Off to St Andrews on Saturday for a stag do and this post is a little marker to note my growing excitment. Not planning to expel bodily fluids like the gentlemen above but looking to rip it up big style and keep it going all Saturday and into Sunday. Monday and Tuesday are recovery days and Hell boy 2 awaits to help me through alcohol fuelled fear.

The Aquarium mention is because St Andrews has one and I thought it would be good to get drunk and ride the man-of-tees or fight the sharks, but that does not look like it has been sanctioned by the Stag Committee for the exploition of Darren (BIG SHOUT TO D).

So anyhoo. have added a couple of tracks to hopefully reflect what maybe be felt, experienced and tasted by us all or atleast the groom to be.

Ramones - Somebody Put Something In My Drink

Reverend Horton Heat - Beer30

PS> here is the trailer to a film that accurately reflects 1980s cinema. Boyhood memories scream for you to watch it when it is on late at night and then reality reveals it ti be utterly shite.

19 Aug 2008

Are You Smirkin' At Me?

Do you ever find yourself walking, gazing, working at your desk, shopping and a cheeky little smile creeps up on you and its hard to stop beaming to all around you.

Happens to me all the time. Sometimes is has a clear cause: maybe I'll be listening to a Flight of the Conchords track on the D2, or watching a simpsons episode on the D2. By the way did I mention my D2? Good.

But its better when its nothing that caused you to light up. A thought, part of an overheard conversation, sounds in the street, memories. I dunno but more and more I find myself sniggering to myself. Sometimes worry I may look a bit smug. I used to think people who wandered about sniggering were weirdos but as long as you are not an insane happy wanderer whose smile is a grimmace of conformity then hey, enjoy it.

So here are a few songs dedicated to some those gigglers and smirkers I came across today as I laughed to myself about. Who knows why they're laughing but hopefully it because of a lot of really really unimportant but personally super things.

Altered Images - I Could Be Happy.

Lou Rawls - You've Made Me So Very Happy

14 Aug 2008


just tried to pay homage to friend number one by spilling by unconscious mental ramblings into digital form but it was a little contrived so instead here is a quirky picture. something we all need considering that glasgow's weather is a colour. grey.

10 Aug 2008

Isaac Hayes Has Left The Building

Just seen that soul legend Isaac Hayes has passed away. It was just a couple of weeks ago i was sitting on the sofa drunk, watching a documentary about Stax records which reminded me how fantastic his contribution to soul was and is. A couple of tracks will follow tomorrow in respect. In the meanwhile here's Isaac.

Addition - Hey folks. Hope you like the video. Was playing football tonight and dedicated my first goal to the big man. All blogs worth their name are posting tracks so I will just add one. One of my favourites. Glen Campbell did it in a country frat boy stylee, Frank Sinatra did it in a smokin' joe camel style and isaac, well his is essential. His story come sermon is just super smooth with tapping symbols, an eternal organ hum and sweeping strings. I reccommend the 12 minute version from Hot Buttered Soul.

Also please check Moistwork's posting from a few weeks which was a homage to Shaft.

Isaac Hayes - By The Time I Get To Phoenix


Oivay. The olympics. It's everything. I was planning to personally boycott the 2008 games because of of all the olympic farces this is most blatant since 1936's nazifest. China brutality of their people and others had received a stamp of approval form the an admittedly hypocritical international body.

But even before my righteous passions flare, I am cursed with an indirect boycott caused by the pure shitness of most of the games. A mixture of bland minority sports and commercial cashcows seeking another platform for their bloating product. Indeed thinking about it, the only events I would usually be interested in would be the 100m, 200m, cuban boxers beating up americans, dropped relay batons and high profile british failure. That adds up to 47 mins and 23 secs rather than two weeks.

So to badminton, bicycle racing, rowing, sailing, tennis, football, bmx riding, shot putting, steeple chasing, table tennis, swimming, archery, shooting, basketball, marathons and judo, i dedicate this...

Sons Of Butcher - Fuck The Shit

9 Aug 2008


Racism no. Racism ignorant. Racism stupid. Racism self centred. Racism blind. Racism prevelent. Racism accepted. Racism deluded. Racism inhumane. Racism old. Racism selfish. Racism mine. Racism backward. Racism poisonous. Racism unacceptable. Racism intolerant. Racism white. Racism black. Racism breeding. Racism dying.

Sam Cooke - A Change Is Gonna Come

Curtis Mayfield - We the People Who Are Darker Than Blue

5 Aug 2008

Is It That Time Of Year?

Time flies in my eyes by when you work in a shit job helping the army of the ungrateful. But there is a time of year when these shitheads become less of an issue. Christmas! Because I get more days of from them. And with christmas on the horizon that means it's nearly time for the Xmas 2008 compliation. Here is what the music press is saying:

NME: "Rumours in the pointless comp grapevine say keef is in the studio and working on his 2008 xmas comp. Close friends indicate he may be returning to a darker comp like his original 2006 comp. Aides agree saying 'yup, there's more soul music'"

Mixmag: "After last years uber eclectic mix which gave us a blend of the Ramones, Denis Wilson, Loretta Lynn and the Salsoul Orchestra, leeks from his label, CD-R, indicate that xmas hip hop will provide the spine of the new comp, although Ushers involvement has not been denied."

Radio Times: "The battle of the comps has commenced with keef entering the studio and reportedly declaring that he will beat Allan to it this year. In 2006 and 2007 keef came second blaming technical problems and label interference."

While you salivate here are a couple of treats from the 2006 mix called: The 2006 Mix.

Hefner - The Little Baby Hefners Xmas Song For Holland

Hello Saferide - I pod X-mas