28 Oct 2009

X-Tunes (X is for Jesus)

Hohoho. It is that time of year when I watching my wallet slowly empty in face of Mrs Pontiac's large family and their many festive gift requirements. It's also nearly time for fourth xmas compilation, uniquely called, Xmas 2009.

So pre-order now for your free copy. I will probably make it available for download but will also be making CD's. All the usual suspects will be catered for but if you do not consider yourself one of them let us know and I can pass your details to the Pontiac Warehouse.

What's in this years? Well there will be no xmas soul in 2009. Instead I am looking to have a different more crunchy sound, one that suggests walking in freshly fallen snow rather than swallowing sweet creamy soul pie. There will be less comedy tracks but still lots of twisted xmas cracker humour. And of course my favourite tribe will be giving us their take on the Christian Christ Mass.

So I am off to tweek, add and remove from the present line up. Hohoho.

27 Oct 2009

Breaking Bad On Five US

Just saw an advert on Five US that they are beginning to show Breaking Bad from next Tuesday and looks like they are showing the whole of season one as it had been rumoured that they would only show a condensed catchup before going onto season two.

As I think I have mentioned before I would put this series up there on the same level as The Sopranos or Deadwood. Brilliant writing and acting. Dark comedy and real heartbreaking drama. On the edge of your seat moments combined with jaw dropping snaps of violence. Best ongoing series on tv at the moment.

Watch it.

18 Oct 2009

The King Of The Queens

Big than of King Of Queens I am. And one of my favourite characters apart from the always brilliant Jerry Stiller, is Patton Oswalt who plays lovable geekish oath, Spence.

Oswalt is also a stand up comic and I got hold of his most recent release, My Weakness Is Strong. It's not gonna blow you away a la Bill Hicks but I tink its pretty funny and spent most of my lunch hour the other day walking about Glasgow laughing insanely like so many of the city's finest mentals. I have included a skit I really pished myself at.

Patton Oswalt - Orgy

12 Oct 2009


Crimson spray. Flesh eating drool. Cracking skulls. Big belly laughs. Zombieland has this and much more. The 'more' being of the great cinema cameos. Not gonna say much more. It has action, jokes, self-mocking digs, a love story, Woody Harrelson and on occasion some zombies.


Here is a song from the soundtrack:

Paul Anka - Puppy Love

7 Oct 2009

Scoop Dreams

Since ESPN replaced the Setanta (Hurling, Gaelic Football and Blue Square Premiership!!)on Virgin cable tv I've been waiting for one sport in particular. Basketball.

Of America's main sports this is the one that I enjoy the most. Not sure why but I think that but unlike American Football and Baseball, basketball has a real pacey and obvious gymnastic dynamic about it. Yes, there are stops and starts but they let you take a breath rather than wander away for 5 hours only to return to same scene.

There also seems to a greater impact from the crowd. Most basketball fans seem to be about to pour onto the court at any moment given there close proximity.

Channel 4 used to show it about ten years but for whatever reason they did not stick with it. What was especially sad about that was that they had a Saturday morning highlights package which was preceded by an excellent show about basketball culture. The music, the fashion, the celebrity. It was mainly soundtrack'd by Ninja Tune and Mo'wax and was an excellent way to hear new sounds.

So anyway catch it if you can and for anyone who does not notice the pic about is of Kareem Abdul Barack Obama. Sweet.

3 Oct 2009

Lord Of The Rings: Unseen Footage

Just sat and watched the last of the Lord of the Rings movies, The Return Of The King. Did you know that after Frodo wakes up in bed, with an old man standing over him while his lil' people pals jump and tickle all over him, that the films goes on for about another 30 mins!!!! Yes, it does.

When I saw it at the cinema I walked out at the bedroom scene as the war was won, the ring destroyed and all seemed all well and homo-erotic. I thought this is silly but its the end atleast.

But sitting here the film goes on and on and on and on and on and on in duracel stylee. And its all totally pointless. You know if the orks had won that they would wouldn't have showboated in the way.

Anyway it s Saturday night and I've just put Rocky III on.