27 Aug 2009

Kids In The What?

The Hall. The who? Kids In The Hall was a Canadian comedy sketch series that Channel Four showed in early 1990s.

For a guy growing up in a small town in the North of Scotland KITH was a revelation. Only a handful of folk at school watched it and then only a few of them got it and laughed. I thought it was amazing and felt like what it must have been like to see Monty Python back in day. Really random, subversive and infantile.

Anyway I was reading on EZTV that they have a new show in production and given the lack of quality comedy out there (yeah, Entourage I'm looking at you) its something to foward to. So to celebrate this news here is some classic Kids In The Hall:

My favourite sketch. Still cracks me up.


F**k You Ikea



This a scene from their movie Brain Candy.


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