28 Feb 2008

Number One

Jackie said I should do a blog. So I did, I am. They say 7 out every 10 blogs grind to a halt before there first week is over. We'll see how this goes.

First track is a Beach Boys song. My introduction to the Beach Boys was an old tape my dad had of them playing live in London. I used to drive around in my Ford Fiesta playing California Girls while the others played Ultrasonic or some other hardcore track. I aint slagging hardcore, its just I wanted the most rubbish car in town to have character.

Anyway, years later I listened to Pet Sounds and then Smiley Smile. And that's where I stopped. General opinion was the Beach Boys made a lot of mostly annoying pop songs then made some amazing music before im (or is it em) ploding.

Recently bought the double cd for Sunflower and Surfs Up. Apart from the first few tracks of Sunflower and Surfs Up's woeful Student Demonstration Time, they are beautiful albums.

Deirdrie is the key track, just when you think you've wasted £5 everything you love about the Beach Boys combines in this track. Those voices, those sounds.

The Beach Boys - Deirdre.mp3

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