2 Mar 2008

Airwolf Awakenings

Why the title? Well channel 197 (DMAX) is currently showing re-runs of Airwolf and apart from its theme and the constant warring against Libya, it just confirms the truth that 99% of shows we watched as kids should not be revisited.

However, a few weeks ago me and my lady were watching one which bizzarrely had a disclaimer that it should not be confused with the events of 9/11. More bizzarely was how anyonemay confuse the two. In the episode some white guys hijacked a plane and then landed it on the ocean where it sank and then lay there for some days while the occupants ate, drank and slept like it was New Years. Airwolf saves them.

Anyhoo is one scene a character was walking through the metal detectors at the airport and the guard had to ask her to remove any metal etc. He was Darwin Joston. Joston had played the antihero, Napoleon Wilson in Assault in Precinct 13.

It was definitely him. IMDB and wikipedia does not credit him which is a shame. I love Assault... and Napoleon and the cop Ethan are superb as the serial killer and black cop who save the day. The good news is that wikipedia does have links not only Joston, but on the character Napoleon. check them out.

And while you are doing that check out these two treats from the film's soundtrack. Scored by John Carpenter and supposedly highly influential to some of Detroit techno;s early pioneers the first is the closing theme and the second the score that follows the death of a young secretary. One is a sinister piece of proto-techno (just made that up) and the other tender electronica.

John Carpenter - End Theme

John Carpenter - Julie

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