28 Oct 2009

X-Tunes (X is for Jesus)

Hohoho. It is that time of year when I watching my wallet slowly empty in face of Mrs Pontiac's large family and their many festive gift requirements. It's also nearly time for fourth xmas compilation, uniquely called, Xmas 2009.

So pre-order now for your free copy. I will probably make it available for download but will also be making CD's. All the usual suspects will be catered for but if you do not consider yourself one of them let us know and I can pass your details to the Pontiac Warehouse.

What's in this years? Well there will be no xmas soul in 2009. Instead I am looking to have a different more crunchy sound, one that suggests walking in freshly fallen snow rather than swallowing sweet creamy soul pie. There will be less comedy tracks but still lots of twisted xmas cracker humour. And of course my favourite tribe will be giving us their take on the Christian Christ Mass.

So I am off to tweek, add and remove from the present line up. Hohoho.

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