7 Oct 2009

Scoop Dreams

Since ESPN replaced the Setanta (Hurling, Gaelic Football and Blue Square Premiership!!)on Virgin cable tv I've been waiting for one sport in particular. Basketball.

Of America's main sports this is the one that I enjoy the most. Not sure why but I think that but unlike American Football and Baseball, basketball has a real pacey and obvious gymnastic dynamic about it. Yes, there are stops and starts but they let you take a breath rather than wander away for 5 hours only to return to same scene.

There also seems to a greater impact from the crowd. Most basketball fans seem to be about to pour onto the court at any moment given there close proximity.

Channel 4 used to show it about ten years but for whatever reason they did not stick with it. What was especially sad about that was that they had a Saturday morning highlights package which was preceded by an excellent show about basketball culture. The music, the fashion, the celebrity. It was mainly soundtrack'd by Ninja Tune and Mo'wax and was an excellent way to hear new sounds.

So anyway catch it if you can and for anyone who does not notice the pic about is of Kareem Abdul Barack Obama. Sweet.

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