14 Feb 2010

My Lil' Project

Its been a quiet Pontiac Dream in 2010 but apart from the usual issues of struggling to say something of interest, even to me, I have been working on a bit of an epic notion.

At the moment friend of Pontiac, Swordfish Trombone, is working his way through IMDB list of the
250 best films according to the votes on its site and I am glad to see and hear that he enjoying lots of the movies.

If I remember right after I looked over the list I have already seen about 190+ of them and am not in a huge hurry to complete it. Partly cause I know I will hate some of the films but also I just do not have the time or motivation.

However, I do have the time to make a list. And currently I am in the process of making my own top 250 films I have seen.

It's been hard going. Currently I am at 343 and counting. I am over the 250 because to start with I am just trying to remember films that I consider great, epic, moving, sweet, hysterical, exciting, terrifying, perfect, a flawed masterpiece or all of the above.

After I am happy I have got 99% of them its about ditching some of the weaker efforts before the hard task of rating them 1 t0 250.

Feel free to join me. Take your time and wattch this space.