28 Feb 2010

Countdown 240 - 221

A big thank you to....Ricky Tomlinson mooning a 'copter, that chariot race, Belgian serial killer chic, Lee Marvin & Gene Hackman playing gangsters in America's bread basket, un chein inspired french comicbook violence, a chunk of Chaplin genius, horny woodland animals, certifiable spaghetti western insanity, jack nicholson playing piano on a truck to nowhere, sean connery's terrifying anti-bond, this is my rifle this is my gun, baby Tupac, a western about waiting for a train, an Australian family with no sense but a load of love, a Thai noodle western, exploding heads, naked jenny aguttar, Apollo Creed playing a wooden handed gold pro and revolution in El Salvador.

Once again here is your link to IMDB.

221. 21 grams
222. Salvador
223. Happy Gilmore
224. Walkabout
225. Scanners
226. Tears Of A Black Tiger
227. The Castle
228. 3.10 To Yuma
229. Juice
230. Full Metal Jacket
231. The Offence
232. Five Easy Pieces
233. Django Killl Kill
234. Bambi
235. Gold Rush
236. Dobermann
237. Prime Cut
238. Man Bites Dog
239. Ben Hur
240. Raining Stones

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