23 Nov 2008

Christening Sunday Blues

Being forced out of the flat this morning to go to christening, in a chapel, in Possil!!! Means I have iron a shirt, wear a suit, shave and prepare a 'listening to some kiddie-fiddler tell everyone how I'm going to hell unless I let him touch me' face.

It's baby Marcus' big day so I will shut up and enjoy as best I can. So in homage to the day i was looking through a google search for christening and the first million pages were all companies looking to make as much money as possible for tiny outfits which will be worn once and then placed in a family time capsule only to be taken out by the parents when they want to embarrass marcus when his first girlfriend comes round.

However, did find this site for hand knitted christening outfits all the way from an e-pensioner in the Shetlands. It says she is a compuslive knitter. That made me think about how bizarre a compulsion that would be. One search and of course I came across a site of a complusive knitter. Please check it out, if only for the halloween cakes in the form of a brain and severed foot. argh!!

In honour of knitters here is a song whose title if not content says a lot.....

Frederick Knight - You've Never Really Lived

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