17 Nov 2008

Digital Killed The Video Star

Many years ago in a glaxay far away people placed large platic boxes filled with thousands of metres of black tape into a large box full of mini-pneumatic drills. They used this to watch adverts from 1986 which were showing inbetween the premiere of Howard The Duck. Scientists had believed that users of such nology had faded into history just like there ferguson vhs players but a prodigal user has surfaced.

I will not use her full name but just say she is known as L McMillan to some and Linda M to others. Recently a close confidant of Linda M exposed her recent purchasing of blank video tapes. I presume it was in preparation of all those christmas movie premieres showing on analogue tv, like Honey, I Shrunk The Kids or Octupussy.

So to you Linda M I dedicate the above artists impression of a blank VHS tape, inspired by descriptions of the nology from survivors of that generation. And of course a song in homage to video past struggle hold over all other nologies.

Videohippos - Rider

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