5 Nov 2008

A Change Has Come

Sitting in the new flat on a drizzly Guy Fawkes evening. Totally shattered. Why? Stayed up last night watching the US elections and Barack Obama's history making victory.

At first I said "i'll stay up until he gets Ohio or Florida." Soon that became, " i'll wait until he gets 215+ as I know California will be 55 in the bag." By then it was too late and I waiting for the west coast polls to close and Obama's victory and the Republican's defeat to be announced.

Mixed feelings at first. Workmates asked if I was happy Obama had won. Happy would be the wrong word. I think relieved would more appropriate. I say that because I'm a socialist and I think that while Obama may tick all the boxes for liberals and those seeking a break from the Neo-Con hold on Washington, for me he is not someone whose ideas and party come close to wwhat I look for.

In fact when I was asked who i would vote for I said to pals that if I was in a swing state Obama would would get my anti-McCain vote but if I was in New York I would probably end up voting for some obscure leftist bloke standing for the People's Anarcho-Revolutionary Brotherhood of Harlem. But if i had done that then I think I would have been guilty of dwelling in the cynical mindset so many of us socialists can get into.

In fact I would have missed out in playing a role in electing a black man as the US President. Something I thought I would never see in my life. For while Obama may not be a trotskyist fellow travller, he does appear sincere is his desire for a better America, and of course it would be a slap in face to those millions of Americans who chose not to fear him but back Obama and change history.

I don't know if things will change that much for Americans or myself, and certainly doubtful Palestinians or Afhgans will find freedom through one man's election. But I can say in the future I watched it live. I can show folk the 'Obama Rocks' badge I bought in NYC a year and a half ago.

Sam Cooke said a change would come and it has.

Sam Cooke - A Change Is Gonna Come

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