25 Mar 2009

After Dark Pleasures

All that talk and boyish gushing over Warren Oates got me thinking and surfing. Remember the days before the proliferation of satellite or cable tv when the terrestial channels would show forgotten classics, cults wonders and weirdo cinema as the midnight hours descended.

It seems to me that that just doesn't happen anymore. The main channels would rather show repeats of tv shows, straight to video faux drama and hollywood halfbakes.

When I was young I saw some films that really influenced my life choices in later life. I do not mean that they directly influenced opinions, decisions or choices but just if you grow up enjoying Warren Oates, Alan Paluka or Jason Robards then you are less likely to like Angelina Jolie, Billy Joel and Joey.

So I thought why not talk about some of these and let you see the trailer...which of course means great 70s/80s trailers!! First up and thanks to Mr Oates, its Race With The Devil. Two men. Two women. Satanists. A sacrifice. And a Winnebago. I repeat. A Winnebago!!!


fatmafia said...

I have many a fond memory of catching the last bus home, stottering up the hill, making a feast of tea and cheese on toast and settling down to The Word followed by whatever late night Channel 4 flick. Strangely the only movies I can remember are A Short Film About Killing, and Insignificance. In fact it was while watching Insignificance that a message appeared announcing some royal had expired in some tunnel in Paris. Significant?

jackreed said...

ah but yer a young pup. Channel 4 offered cinema from the dark corners celluloid...plus boobs. itv was usually off the clock hollywood while bbc delighted cultish delivery. i like the image and name of the blog. good start.