11 Mar 2009

Watch Men?

Firstly its been a rough week but life is now moving on. We aren't forgetting Mary Doll nor missing her any less, just getting on with we have to do.

As part of that and cause I am off work this week and went to the cinema this morning to see The Watchmen. Now I will put my hand in the air and say that I did not really know anything about the film or the graphic novel/comic/whatever that the film is based on except for an article about it in Empire magazine last year.

From that I knew it was a closely followed comic (I gonna use that phrase now) with loyal fans and big expectations following it. I got the idea that this was not The Defenders of The Earth version of a group of heroes, that they were a dark representation of the ideal.

The result after the two and a half hours was lost interest, thoughts of what to cook for dinner and disappointment. Not boredom, more the mixture of emotions you may experience after a blind date.

What I liked? The fact that, with the exception of Professor Brooklyn, that the Watchmen's powers and abilities were underplayed and treated as secondary to their actions. Although no character was that likeable or dislikable, Rorschach at least kept me interested.

What I disliked? Too long. Too much of Dr Manhattan's boring rambles. Too much, wa too much of the psycho-superhero-moral-gibberish that poisoned Dark Knight. Just hit somebody!!!! In all it felt like a cross between Sin City-Mystery Men-Dark Knight-Spiderman 3

Maybe it could be called The Sins of a Man Watching Mysterious Men On The Web.

But lets be positive. Below is one of those Family Guy moments that makes it rise above its questionable rape and domestic abuse gags. Very funny and continues ot make Christian Bale look like a dick.

I had to remove the link to the audio track as it was not playing right for some unkown digital related reason. Here is the clip from You Tube.

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