26 Mar 2009


Of course when we talk TV movies there are three words which must be celebrated and respected. Alex Moviedrome Cox.

I still have no idea why but when I was younger my folks would get to me to go to bed (for school in the morning) at a regular time but let that slide when I was watching some particular films and this spread into the age of Moviedrome. This was BBC2's cult and long lost film show which was presented by director Alex Cox over the late 1980s and 1990s.

Now my folks were not big movie fans, far from it. But maybe they saw something in that which was more beneficial than Gary Davies on Radio 1. Anyway Alex Cox always gave good intro. Letting into some of the background, myths, themes and politics of the films. Moviedrome was the ultimate in eclectic viewing. Spaghetti Westerns, Horror, Comedy, Paranoid Thrillers, Grindhouse, Arthouse and Sci-punk-fi were all on the bill.

One film that always stayed with me was Alligator. As the below trailer will let you know, this was about an alligator. A big one. It comes up form sewers. It eats people and causing some class based carnage. The old guy from Jackie Brown is in it. And a big alligator. A really fun and nasty tail....haha

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