19 May 2009

Papas Got A Brand New Handbag

It's true you know.

Old Faithfull Gravis has helped me across Glasgow, Scotland, Europe, The Atlantic and the mean streets of the Upper West Side.

But in recent times as the spring sun hit him, he looked more like Skeletor's scrotum rather Jesus's napsack. So I hoped to find a bag in NYC but with little luck. All the ones I liked fitted in with a two dollar-pound style of economy.

So I visited everyones favourite cornershop and found a funky yet urban flavoured satchel from Eastpak. By the way big shouts to Chemical Records to for their swift delivery and beating the price of the offical Eastpak site by nearly £10. I will be returning to this site as it looked like a great little side street of internet funkiness be it tshirt, bag or tunes.

So with a new bag at my side I am ready to step out and take the praise. Speaking of praise and newness its been too long since I actually posted some new music. So tonight I say..."Listen".

Tosca are Austrian duo Richard Dorfmeister (of Kruder & Dorfmeister) and Rupert Huber and excel in making experimental but accessible electronica. Their new album, No Hassle, is out and making inrodes into my eardrums.

Now I'm not going to say that this album breaks musical boundaries. But it reminds us why electronica can be so good in the right hands. I'm looking at you Zero 7 and every other coffee bar electro jibbery-jazz Morcheeba soundclash.

Tosca make stripped down electronic tracks. Bleepy at some points, selective strings at others and Austrian beats as clean as the Alpine air. I am really enjoying this album and I hope that you like the tracks below. In addition I added the video for Birthday which is how first came across the new album. It totally reminds me of some of the low budget but effective music videos that many house and downtemp producers used in the late 90s. More new music soon....

Tosca - Elitsa

Tosca - Birthday

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Tania said...

Interesting design of those handbags... I would like to add up them in my collection!!