1 May 2009

I See Famous People

As promised details of the celebs stroke famous people stroke hollywood legends we saw in NYC.

In order of appearance we have:

Paul Herman aka Beansie from the Soprano's aka the guy Richie Aprile crushed with his motor aka Marvin the accountant from Entourage.

While on one of our many subway journeys just as we came into 42nd St Station I turned to see an older man dressed to impress with shades and tan to match. It then dawned on me that it was Beansie. As usual did have the time or inclination to stalk Beansie on the subway but a good start.

Next up was a sighting all down to Mrs Pontiac and her knowledge of the fake/reality show The City on MTV. Wandering up 8th Ave we passed a Blockbuster Video and I was dragged back to to see Miss Allie Crandell aka Allie from The City aka a thin model. Cannot be sure of the dvd being rented but believe she had a bucket of popcorn and a a bucket for her bolemia.

A now for the legend................

It's our last night in NYC. We have just had a lovely Italian meal and were heading up 7th Ave to get some frozen yogurt aka some Yolato. I turn to see some old lady getting out of a limo. She looks familiar. She looks confused, rummaging in her handbag. Is it? Can't be? Mrs Pontiac confirms it is.

Inappropriately Sexy

Radical Sexy

Leg Warming Sexy

Classy O'lady Sexy

Jane Bloody Fonda

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