30 May 2009


I was considering not using my vote, for the first time ever, in the upcoming euro elections. However, I got some leaflets through my door and have made my decision.

Most of the leaflets were the usual fare. SNP promising to stand up for me but not sure against who. Labour promising to protect me from the SNP even though I don't need protection from the SNP. Liberals saying will stand up for me and protect me from all the other parties. Greens putting in loft insulation???? Nazis putting on doctors and builders outfits in effort to look like real people who will convince me of the 'black evil'. And UKIP telling me to leave everything, including the 21st century and into the 17th Century.

But one leaflet outshone them and won me over. At first I thought it was the Tories but on closer inspection there was a photo of their main candidate looking evil (more evil than usual) and holding a bunch of cats. Yes. It was Blofeld. The leadership, pussy obsessed arch enemy of James Bond (ironic) and leader of Spectre, aka the Special Executive for Counter-intelligence, Terrorism, Revenge and Extortion.

Go look in your bins and pull the supposed Tory leaflet out. In these times of expenses rows and other things bad, we need a leader and party like Spectre to cut through the spin and hold our hearts and minds to ransom.

To celebrate my decision I offer Nancy Sinatra's title track from You Only Live Twice and her long time buddy Lee Hazlewood. Forget that Robbie Williams stole the strings from Nacy's song & John Barry. Its quality pop. The second track is classic Lee. That deep rumbling voice with beautiful arrangements.

Nancy Sinatra - You Only Live Twice

Lee Hazlewood - Your Sweet Love

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