31 Jan 2010

Away We Go

Well staying in from cold last night me and the ladyfriend watched the comedic drama Away We Go starring John Krasinski (Jim from NBC's The Office) and Maya Rudolph (Minnie Riperton's daughter!!! yes, daughter) as a couple expecting their first child and trying to decide where they want to settle and bring her up.

So they zig zag across North America and meet some weird and dsyfunctional friends and family along the way. Allison Janney, Catherine O'Hara, Jeff Daniels and Maggie Gyllenhaal all put in great cameo performances. There are some real laugh at loud moments, plenty of tittering and the odd watery eye piece of poignancy.

There are few moments when the pace of the film falls away a little too much and it drags but they are few and far between (great saying). The soundtrack is also a bit too twee and plinkity plonk for my liking but overall a really good film. I did read some reviews saying how the two main characters are unlikeable because they are arrogant and smug but that's really unfair. They are simply a couple who love one another, don't fight and enjoy each others company. Hardly a crime.

Also a big Happy Birthday to Mrs Pontiac who is 25 today. x

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