1 Mar 2010

Countdown 220-201

Have decided to do a mini text thing with each post. Have added one to the previous email as well.

So anyhoo in this countdown we have.....Mrs Coppola's on set documentary about her husbands mental implosion, a feminist nightmare, my first Kurosawa, my first Mike Leigh, Kubrick's debut, Bill Murray's secret classic, spelling B antics, Indiana vs god, french cool, class war from Alastair Sim, small town destruction, a good Nic Cage film (????), Debbie Harry with a beehive, a James Cameron flick that kicks Avatar's bue ass, revolution in the coalmines of America, move over Jerry Lewis I'm talking about the Martin-Clift partnership, McQueen's last hurrah, the cyborganiser, a proper horror and a big ole welcome to the party pal.


201. Die Hard
202. Halloween
203. Robocop
204. Tom Horn
205. Young Lions
206. Matewan
207. Aliens
208. Hairspray (the original)
209. Raising Arizona
210. First Blood
211. An Inspector Calls
212. Bande A Part
213. Indiana Jones And The Last Crusade
214. Spellbound
215. Quick Change
216. The Killing
217. Life Is sweet
218. Yojimbo
219. The Stepford Wives
220. Heart of Darkness: A Filmmakers Apocalypse

1 comment:

Steve said...

Everybody has one Cage film they enjoy despite him, mine is The Rock. Ridiculous multiplied by awesome.

Spellbound I need to see - caught enough of it on Film4 a while ago to think I'd like it, but couldn't stay to watch the rest and haven't seen it on since.