16 Jul 2008

Look Who's Back

It's the charlie big banana of my audio world. My Iriver.

I got it in 2005 and immediately it helped further develop how I listened to and enjoyed my music. I got the same time my band wenty broad and I was able to trawl the internet on lonely, and even nights when there was company, to see what sort of delights there were out there. Especially in blog land.

Even when snide ipod owners mocked its size and weight thet could not compete with its drag and drop tickles and mutli codec compatability. If there was an unknown audio file type that crawled out the jungles of Southern Albania my iriver just picked them up, laid them out and danced on the competition.

But eventually its time seemed to come to an end. my old bones just could not lug it up the slopes of Glasgow and its hard drive began to click and crackle like a dying ember (aaww love it!). It fought off an impulse iaudio purchase in 2007 but eventually surrendered to the D2 Cowon which although a member of my family is becoming a close friend.

So the iriver was on the shelf. A storage unit for music and whatever else I felt like adding. Would never have sold it but really saw no future for it. Until...

...this Philips portable speaker gave me a wink in Tesco on Sunday. "What? I simply plug this into any MP3 player and I have music?"

I had a tape/radio player in the kitchen but to be honest I listened mostly to Radio Five Live or Radio Scotland MW (medium wave to younger readers). The only music I listened on this 'system' was Bryan Burnett's Get It On.

So now, resurrected, my iriver has taken up residence in the Ministry Of Food and has given me a sonic experience to match my culinary creations. And let's not forget that A-B function.

Here's a couple of my iriver classics:

PJ Pooterhoots - I Can't Go For That

Mystic Moods - Astral Trip

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