28 Jul 2008


Oh man! Had some fun last night. While rummaging about the net I came across some freeky bizzare trainers inspired by Barack Obama and which had been made by their owner...or some small scale artisan dude. So I had a search to see how one might go about taking a plain pair of trainers and making them my own.

What I didn't find was an easy DIY guide. What I did find was a couple of interesting diversions. Both Puma and Nike offer fans the ability to design their own trainers, within defined but fairly wide limits.

Was mucking about w'both sites and gotta say, especially Puma, I made some pretty interesting trainers. Since then I have a great couple of ideas about what I may do with these. Will most probably go down a Puma given my distrust of the Nike product. It aint a No Logo thang, but a result of some poorly made product in previous years.

So check it out and join me in a day of strutting to Booker T & The MGs.

Puma's Mongolian Shoe

Nike ID

Booker T & The MGs - Tight Is Tight

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