7 Jul 2008

Gabba Goo

Have you heard of this program called The Sopranos. Of course you have. I love it I really do. I finished the series last year with the help of the internet but m'lady is still catching up.

At the moment we are three episodes into series 6. So we have not yet reached the point when it becomes Sopranos Vs The Village People but I love the dream sequences and the coma journey was intriguing, especially the fact that Tony's voice in the coma is more thrill than normal and reflects his hated happy wanderer. But anyhoo, it still remains one of TV's greatest ever creations.

I downloaded a torrent the other day which has lots of the tracks which are not on the official soundtracks and while it was fun to listen to them I gotta say that like many scores and soundtracks, if you take the sounds out of their context then they are either ordinary or just shit.

The two tracks I had offering up today are a little from column A and one from column B. First up is the Chi Lites. From season 4 and the episode where Zillerman tells Tony that he is seeing his old ladyfriend, the russian one. Tony says its coll and then when a little drunk and driving, this track comes on the radio and in an emotional slide, he heads to Zillerman's to wip him repeatedly with his belt. Ouch!

Next up is the track that ended it all. The track that played as meadow reverse parked. The track that saw strangers drift into the cafe while Tony sat with his family. The track that played while a man went to the restroom to pee or maybe load his gun. In a truly great TV moment a billion Soprano fans nearly died through the tension. On its own its a pap 80s ballad but close your eyes and you see the Soprano family waiting...waiting...

Chi-Lites - Oh Girl

Journey - Don't Stop Believing

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