10 Jul 2008

Not New But Not Old

Mmmmm yeah. Sweet soul with a hip bop twist from the lady siren, Erykah Badu. New Amerykah Part One (4th World War) came out in February of this year. Better than Jill Scott, funkier than Mary J, a soulful spoonful.

As I am not on the grapevine of music anymore this was stumbled across rather than waited for. While not as good as my favourite Badu effort, Mama's Gun, it's still so superior to the majority of the r'n'b type nonsense pouring across the atlantic. Not that I am saying she is r'n'b but you get the point.

Anyway as usual I have added a couple of tracks from the album. Enjoy and here is a thought...

Manufacturing nuclei in the island of stability may be very difficult, because the nuclei available would not deliver the necessary sum of neutrons. So for the synthesis of isotope 298 of element 114 by using plutonium and calcium, one would require an isotope of plutonium and one of calcium, which have together a sum of at least 298 nucleons (more is better, because at the nuclei reaction some neutrons are emitted). This would require for example in the case of synthesis of element 114 the usage of calcium-50 and plutonium-248. However these isotopes (and heavier calcium and plutonium isotopes) are not available in weighable quantities. This is also the fact for other target/projectile-combinations.

Erykah Badu - Amerykahn Promise

Erykah Badu- Me

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