21 Oct 2008

Big Jim Robinson

For me it was the best episode of Entourage S5 last night. After having a lot fun and at times getting bogged down in the guy fantasy the show can become, the plot reared its head and gave one of the shows most poignant moments in ages. Wont spoil it but reminded why Entourage is not just a lads wet dream but an essential piece of weekly viewing. What will Ari do?

If the quality of the episode was not enough I was overjoyed to Neighbours legend Alan Dale, aka Jim Robinson, make an appearance in about his 100th US show. As far as I can remember he has appeared in 24, Ugly Betty, Lost, The OC and even had a bit part in the latest Indiana Jones film. What a journey from the 70s brown-arange-aqua nightmare of The Young Doctors. So I salut you Jim and will hopefully see you the mini series John McCain: The Arms That Loved Too Much.

So in respect to Big Jim I offer this track, Written in homage to his acting efforts by Korean band Broadcast.*

*: parts of that last sentence maybe lies

Broadcast - Michael a Grammar

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