7 Oct 2008

New Seasons

As autumn joins us we wear new clothes or atleast different clothes. The air is sharper and nights come quickly and it feels a little more cosy inside as it gets colder outside.

New seasons mean new everything. A new Simpsons season, a new Entourage season and a new Family Guy season. All return to entertain in our autumn evenings. Entourage is just as it left off, Family Guy's mixture of genuis, theft and bad taste are more focused, while the Simpsons continues to beat all the competition. Check out the opening episode from season 20 for a another hilarious Simpson's take on St Paddy's day and the Troubles. South Park is back soon for the end of season twelve. And Heroes is back and....well that is even more boring and frustrating as season two.

Joining in with this spirit of renewal I have tweeked the look of the blog just a little, but just enough to add a feel that new times are ahead. And I hope to to get back to business with the blog. Thoughts and Ideas ahead of overly personal chat.

New weather, clothes, tv needs a dessert. New music. DFA have launched a new label, Death From Abroad, and opening its catalogue is a sensational compilation techno-house-electro-disco-punk-funk inspired beats and sweeps from Berlin based label Supersoul. There only two duff tracks but out of 20 that's a good ratio. Maybe its just my inner dance junkie screaming out but have enjoyed listened the clinical but sometimes ferocious tracks on offer. Enjoy the change in seasons.

Strangelets - Riot On Planet 10(blitz_gramsci_remix)

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