26 Oct 2008

Move On Up

I am moving. Heading on down the road. About 150 yards down the road to be exact. New flat with the housing association and a bunch of new worries. Money, packing, painting, plumbing and the flat pack insanity. The above pic is what I came up with following the instructions for a bathroom cabinet.

But for all the stress and concerns the flat is great and can't wait to move in with de lady.

Anyway as in previous posts I love to link up the newness of life with the newness of music. With Squarepusher everything is new and sometimes pre-new. Ever since I bought his first album, Feed Me Weird Things, in error as I was after a Genaside II album, Squarepusher (aka Tom Jenkinson) has been a bubblin' experiment.

Sometimes it can be poison with overwhelming creaks, bleeps and white noise. But at others its a complex, rampant collection of creaks, bleeps and white noise which can turn out quite beautiful.

This is a track from his new album, Just A Souvenir. Its a little different because it has vocals (be it an electronic tone), a chorus and a little message in there. Not very Squarepusher but then again what is.

Squarepusher - A Real Woman

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