13 Oct 2008

Family Silver

Got no higher in maths. Got no confidence in ma maths. Got a SCOTVEC.

Even those credentials cannot stop me. Almost speechless recently as numbers that are so big that they escape our understanding. Billions and trillions. Just about a gazillion almost. My money, your money, our money.

All going one way. Away from us and towards those with incredible wealth. Bankers, financial advisors, stockbrokers, analysts, managers, directors, chairmen, chairladies, political appointees. And all because they wanted more all the time. If someone came to your house and asked for some sugar, then slowly ate everything in your kitchen before salting the living room table and grilling it in sweet oils, you would rightly think that they suffered from a deep greed pyschosis.

Then they waited. They called our bluff. Plenty said don't bail them out. But the banks knew their contacts and politicians stake in capitalism meant it would only be a matter of time before national responses kept them in their offices. Helping them stabilise and once again be in a position to bet on and profit from job losses, offshoring and privatisation.

Stevie Wonder - Cash In Your Face

Well the governments of the West are bailing out a system whose inherent contradictions mean that collapses like the one we face always happen and that their darwinistic tendencies means that they tear one another apart before asking for the people to save them.

Boz Scaggs (featuring Duane Allman) - Loan Me A Dime

Let the banks collapse. Or atleast let's let there value drop so we can assume full control of the systems assets. Let's take real control over. Sick of hearing about how I somehow own part of a bank because the treasurery has gave them a loan. My money going out, the treasurery's money coming back. We wont see a penny.

The final track tonight is Woody Guthrie's Pretty Boy Floyd. I love the one of its final lines. Born from the Great Depression repulsion of banks it reminds us that "some will rob with you with a six-gun and some with a fountain pen." True.

Woody Guthrie - Pretty Boy Floyd

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