14 Feb 2009

Kreeky Memories

My Saturday mornings have a pattern. I wake in line with my body clock yelling at me that its time for work. After 10 mins of me patiently explaining to the clock that its the weekend, I concede and get up. Since I am up early and the missus is asleep I put a wash on and make breakfast.

After my shower I head to Lidl to get some supplies. And this is where this post originates. Yesterday I was listening to DJ Krush mix form the Ninja Tune release ColdKrushCuts. I had put it on the Cowon the other day and had not listened to it in ages. If anyone has listened to it, at first it seems a little unadventurous, especially when consider that 8 of the 19 tracks are DJ Vadim tracks or remixes.

But I like it. I like it a lot. Typically for Krush its all about slow junkie beats and whispering scratches. So anyway was listening to it and nodding away as I like to do and got to thinking about the aforementioned Dj Vadim.

Back in the day I was a big fan of Vadim and his brand of slow-mo-hop. His early ouput for Ninja Tune and then Jazz Fudge was an easy listening soundtrack for alternative Blade Runneresque 23rd Century society were paranioa has replaced love. Huge stretched beats, souless samples and lots of creeks and breaks. I have added some tracks below. The first two are lidted from the Krush mix while the third is from his most recent project, One Self.

And to top it off here is a lovely wee Vadim story. When he was DJing on the Super Furry Animals tour me and a mate were at the after gig party located in the Renfrew Ferry. Seeing Vadim I wandered about to give some respect and ask about the problems he was having in the USA where his production with Sara Jones, Your Revolution, was banned by a number of radio stations for its language. The proto-feminism of the lyrics were missed by censors who panicked at the sound of 'bush' and 'touche' being mentioned.

Anyhooo, we chatted and I mentioned I had written an article about the problem in America for the Scottish Socialist Voice. On hearing this he called over his beautiful Brazilian wife. A 4ft 10ins version of Erykah Badu she told us about how her dad had been shot a left for dead by the Brazilian police for anti-General Pinochet activities (pls note there is a dispute with my mate over if he was shot in Brazil or Chile - too much beer). I soon left them to enjoy their night.

Lovely people. Lovely tunes.

DJ Vadim - Aural Prostitution (I Wonder Why)[DJ Vadim Remix]

DJ Vadim-Lounge Shiznitz

One Self - Fear The Labour

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