3 Feb 2009

Soul Siren: Part 5

I have to be honest. Until about half an hour ago I was going to put some Fontella Bass tracks up but that's all changed.

I was checking out The Huffington Post, the internet's number one home of American liberalism. Amongst the gossip, insight and jokes about Sean Hannity there is some celebrity news. One of the new links was to a mp3 of Christian Bale ranting at a member of the crew for the new Terminator film.

Christian comes across as if he has not moved on from that horribly spoiled brat in Empire of the Sun, with a foul, abusive tirade at some guy who may have made an error but his treatment is totally unjustified.

Bale you are a rich, arrogant fool. He needs to show some respect to his fellow film workers who make it possible for him look and sound good enough to cash those cheques. And who better to show him how to respect than Aretha Franklin.

While she is not my favourite soulsister her output is consistent, emotional and worthy of more than one funky move on the dancefloor. So Aretha say it loud!!! Christian, you better hear it!!

The Bale Rant
Aretha Franklin - Respect

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