2 Apr 2009

The Last American Hero

Been a while since the last post but want to keep the theme of late night movie treasures going on and since the last post there has only been one movie I have wanted to talk about.

Vanishing Point.

Starring Barry Newman (TV's Petrocelli) this existential descent through the repressive urges and progressive fractures of Nixon's America seen through the destructive eyes of Kowalski, a guy whose American Dream has left him trying to drive from Denver to Frisco in 24 hrs with only a big bag of speed, a disc jockeys words and memories of loss. I know I really pretentionised that right up but my god this is a great film. Booming soundtrack. Car chases. Easy Rider's dream turned nightmare theme. A hero.

Check out the trailer below. I saw this on the Mark Cousin's shift as Moviedrome presenter. Instantly and just like a first listen to Neil Diamond, you say 'how did i live without this???'

And as an extra treat here is a couple of the tracks from the soundtrack. The first is followers one of the more manic car chases while the second gets us ready for the inevitable. Sorry that the rips are little poor.

The J.B. Pickers - Freedom of Expression
Segarini & Bishop - Over Me


DrNik said...

and other positives it also has cleveden little out of blazing saddles in it (he's also in the underrated Fletch lives!) as a dj. Also it was the subject of a concept album from Primal Scream which is patchy but has a couple of outstanding tracks.

Steve said...

Cleavon Little is my only real memory of this film, he's great in it. It's also my favourite Primal Scream album, but that maybe says more about what I think of the others than anything else.