30 Apr 2009

New York Fever

Well me and Mrs Pontiac and are back from the Big Pork and can confirm that after a long and deep nights sleep recovering from a return to Scottish time, we are showing no signs of the three-way we had with Miss Piggy.

So no bacon flu yet but a lot of good memories and slick shopping stays with us. Of course this is all about holiday to New York where the mantra was "we will not retread" and "we want to visit 'New' New York." And pretty much we managed that.

Main tourist spots where side stepped and new corners missed last time where exploited to the fullest. We did the lower east side, alphabet city, coney island, williamsburg, brooklyn heights, fort greene, chelsea etc etc. You get the point.

The highlights.........

1) Is That Bruce Springstein?
While lining up to get into a comedy club everyone was sitting or standing on the sidewalk waiting for the doors to open. Suddenly we hear a few muffled screams, hoops and movement. Is it a comedy star like Steve Guttenberg or a movie star like Steven Guttenburg? The screams got louder and the queue parted as if Moses himself was parted it. Out of the gloom charged a pretty big rat racing at me!!!!...or near me. As I jumped up into Mrs Pontiac's arms, Pussy (as we later named the rat bastard), dashed into some nearby shrubbery.

2) Sunday Service
Until Sunday I had never been on a rollercoaster. But we took a trip to Coney Island to escape the record breaking heat of the city and I had a wee look at the Cyclone and thought, "hey its small and got some wooden bits...how bad can that be??"

Well I am not in a rush to go on another. My scrambled eggs went up and down i perfect symmetry to to the ride, the wheels where square, the corners right angles. Mummy.

3) We're All Gonna Die
American TV is worth a holiday in itself. Swine Flu, adverts for immortality drugs, murderers, Swine Flu, out of control children, Swine Flue and things coming up, up, up!

4) Western Wet Dream
I got to see Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid at an open air drive-in style event by a sun soaked Hudson River. Excellent.

5) The Chelsea Star Hotel
Great hotel. Great staff. Great Location. Great drunken jakes across the street each morning letting the world know what was what. Great room. See the pic below. each room had a theme and ours was the Wizard of Oz.

There is more. Tomorrow I will post details of the stars we saw and I how excited that made us. One is a genuine cinema legend.

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