20 May 2008

Les poulet-cheins (The Chicken-Muts)

Was listening to the new Sebastian Tellier album the other day. Got to be honest that after his two tracks on the Lost In Translation I have always been very excited about hearing his new work.

However, my excitement, or interest which would be a more appropriate word, has always been folowed by disappointment. Much if his output really does not match his potential and seems stuck between two dimensions. One celebrating eighties euro electro pastiche...the other a casio dominated world where calculator watches appear useful.

Anyway, so I was listening to one of the better tracks and it reminded me of all those great cartoons from my childhood. Like Dogtanian, Belle & Sebastian or Ulysses, Sory the spelling but i canna be bothered checking it. Anyway you get the point.

The cartoon would be called Les Poulet-Cheins in France but is translated into the Chicken-Muts. It's the classic cartoon stories of loved ones being separated, trying to find one another and meeting friends and foes in adventures along the way.

In this cartoon a dog and chicken that work in a circus fall in love. They hide their love from the evil circus master, Robespierre, until little chicken-muts crack open the eggs instead of the expected chicks. Furious with his two employees Robespierre banishes the dog, sends the chicken to a catholic home for fowl lady chickens and sells the offspring on ebay (or as the french say - ebay).

Need I say more. Each of the 79 episodes would find the three sets of characters struggling across a sometimes ferocious environment to find each other...will they make it...who knows.

I like to think the Air track would the theme tune while the Tellier track would be chase/dramatic score to chases and near misses.

Air - clouds Up

Sebastian Tellier - Sexual Sportswear

ps> sorry the second track is a wma, Forgot to amend it.

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