10 May 2008

That New Toy Smell

Hey there blimpy boys, flying through the air so fancy free!

So yeah, I got myself a new toy. After three years of my wonderful iriver H320 with the hours, days and months of accummulated time that it gave me aural stimulation, it's time to say a bientot.

It's replacement is a Cowon D2. Only 4gb but with scope for memory expansion and its smaller, lighter and touch screen. last year I tried out an iaudio 7 but was not really comfortable with its tiny size and navigation. But this seems a more than capable for the classic iriver.

Got it this morning and I'm already finding it really intuitive. Sound quality is great and the touch screen is simple to get used to. Think this could be the beginning of something beautiful.

So what was first track on this player. My first listen. Well its something I picked up from a blog recently. To be honest I cannot remember who put it up but thank you. Its a group called Escort from New York. Its so addictive with those constant quick fire vocals and disco-funk sensabilities. If you like the track then please check out the video, synched to the Muppets.

Escort - All Through The Night

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