3 May 2008

Workers Of the World Unite!

Happy May Day my comrades. I know its a couple of days but was not able to spend the time required to put the post up. So yes, May Day. the date in history which has always been for the people, the common man, the working woman. It's not celebrated or treated in the same way as it used to be in Scotland but across the world from Cuba to India and South Africa to Italy thousands will march for another world. A world free of poverty, intolerance and war.

It's in easy in my present political manifestation to just glide along in a state of irony at the double standards and double crosses of big business, politicians and the reactionary thousands who think that locking up junkies will cure society's ills. But I am a socialist and proud of it. So its fitting to play a few songs which reflect our struggle and our hope. Also these are pretyy damn fine tunes.

First up is a slice of classic protest. Phil ochs may not get the headlines of Bob Dylan or woody Guthrie but his spirit rages through through that guitar. Speaking of Woody Guthrie, the second cut is a version of his anthem, This land Is Your Land. it's by Sharon Jones. I'll be honest. I know a lot of people like her and her blend of soul but its all feels a little to cleaned up and corporate for my liking. However, this is an excellent version of the Guthrie's classic so enjoy.

Third up is some real soul heroes, The Staple Singers. I love how their songs are so beautiful but when required, shake their heads in disapproval at the target of the injustice. Lastly is some angry Hip Hop and found while rummaging around the net. Don't know much about them but like their words.

Enjoy your weekend.

Phil Ochs - The Ballad of William Worthy

Sharon Jones & The Dap Kings- This Land Is Your Land

The Staple Singers - When Will We get Paid

Los Nativos - Black Flag Red Star

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Erek said...

Great post. I've got to listen to more Staple Singers.