18 May 2008


Really tired. Did not get in until half five this morning and can feel it in my eyes, frontal lobes and gut.

Its a nice day so will go for a wee wander after posting this and buy some houmous and milk.

Not really got much to say except nuclear weapons are bad, fuck the queen and haven't vaccum cleaners changed a lot over the years.

Today's track is a little french number from Saint Germain. It fits into my mood and is a real drifter with soft jazzy samples and a wee repetitive beat. Sit back, sip some tea, lick a lolly and fall in love.

Saint Germain - Easy To Remember

1 comment:

jocky said...

nice tunes . . . here's a tip: every time you nearly fall asleep at your desk, spray your face with water mist. If you don't have any handy just ask a question of any of your colleagues who have an unfortunate roy hattersley habit.