26 May 2008

Summer is here

Oh man! What a lovely day yesterday Got some provisions and set up some barbacue's in the girlfirends back garden and me, her, her niece, sister and future sister in law enjoyed some rays and blue bloooo sky during the afternoon and early evening.

Had some grub, drank some beer and got some sun of my face. Feel recharged or atleast less drained.

So thought I should slip on a couple of summer orientated tunes and let the summer mood get internetised. And before you say anything, the link is the they have summer in the title so no remarks about Indian Summer being a late summer/early autumn thing.

yes, first up is The Doors. This is from Morrison Hotel. Its the album that, for me, saved them from oblivion after the patchy Waiting For The Sun and Soft Parade. It's a real smooth trippy warm evening sound.

Next up is the daddy. Frankie boy and his summer wind. Only bettered by Martin in the Simpsons when his swimming pool collapses.

The Doors - Indian Summer

Frank Sinatra - Summer Wind

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