5 Aug 2008

Is It That Time Of Year?

Time flies in my eyes by when you work in a shit job helping the army of the ungrateful. But there is a time of year when these shitheads become less of an issue. Christmas! Because I get more days of from them. And with christmas on the horizon that means it's nearly time for the Xmas 2008 compliation. Here is what the music press is saying:

NME: "Rumours in the pointless comp grapevine say keef is in the studio and working on his 2008 xmas comp. Close friends indicate he may be returning to a darker comp like his original 2006 comp. Aides agree saying 'yup, there's more soul music'"

Mixmag: "After last years uber eclectic mix which gave us a blend of the Ramones, Denis Wilson, Loretta Lynn and the Salsoul Orchestra, leeks from his label, CD-R, indicate that xmas hip hop will provide the spine of the new comp, although Ushers involvement has not been denied."

Radio Times: "The battle of the comps has commenced with keef entering the studio and reportedly declaring that he will beat Allan to it this year. In 2006 and 2007 keef came second blaming technical problems and label interference."

While you salivate here are a couple of treats from the 2006 mix called: The 2006 Mix.

Hefner - The Little Baby Hefners Xmas Song For Holland

Hello Saferide - I pod X-mas

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