30 Jun 2008

And some more new music...

Well after throwing a barrel of older tracks at you for the bulk of this blog it feels good to offer some more new music, although as with The Herbaliser, that dont necessarily mean I am saying they are essential. Just that they have tweeked my interest.

Back to the music. I used to visit and download from the blog, Chromewaves, before it became a struggle to keep up with the quantity of posts especially when the quality got very inconsistent.

However, one track I revisit is by the Swedish group, El Perro Del Mar. It was a quirky Kate Bush inspired pop moment. So when I was rummaging around the net the other day I came across their new album, From The Valley To the Stars.

16 tracks and there are probably only about 4/5 tracks I would say I got into. The big thing for me was how much the structure of the album and its tracks reminded me of the The Beach Boys (hence the photo). I know lots and lots of artists sounds like The Beach Boys or don't really hide their influence on the music but I feel that sometimes this works and sometimes it feels a bit derivative.

How Did We Forget is a really beautiful song and one you can imagine Brian, Carl or Denis Wilson weeping into a microphone. Inside The Golden Egg echoes all those wonderful mini-instrumental tracks from Pet Sounds, Smiley Smile or Surf's Up. Finally, Into The Sunshine, is as close of El Perro Del Mar come to Beach Boys pop track.

Maybe I am creating smoke where there is no spark but hey I noticed something and shared.

El Perro Del Mar - How Did We Forget

El Perro Del Mar - Inside The Golden Egg

El Perro Del Mar - Into The Sunshine

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