10 Aug 2008


Oivay. The olympics. It's everything. I was planning to personally boycott the 2008 games because of of all the olympic farces this is most blatant since 1936's nazifest. China brutality of their people and others had received a stamp of approval form the an admittedly hypocritical international body.

But even before my righteous passions flare, I am cursed with an indirect boycott caused by the pure shitness of most of the games. A mixture of bland minority sports and commercial cashcows seeking another platform for their bloating product. Indeed thinking about it, the only events I would usually be interested in would be the 100m, 200m, cuban boxers beating up americans, dropped relay batons and high profile british failure. That adds up to 47 mins and 23 secs rather than two weeks.

So to badminton, bicycle racing, rowing, sailing, tennis, football, bmx riding, shot putting, steeple chasing, table tennis, swimming, archery, shooting, basketball, marathons and judo, i dedicate this...

Sons Of Butcher - Fuck The Shit

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