19 Aug 2008

Are You Smirkin' At Me?

Do you ever find yourself walking, gazing, working at your desk, shopping and a cheeky little smile creeps up on you and its hard to stop beaming to all around you.

Happens to me all the time. Sometimes is has a clear cause: maybe I'll be listening to a Flight of the Conchords track on the D2, or watching a simpsons episode on the D2. By the way did I mention my D2? Good.

But its better when its nothing that caused you to light up. A thought, part of an overheard conversation, sounds in the street, memories. I dunno but more and more I find myself sniggering to myself. Sometimes worry I may look a bit smug. I used to think people who wandered about sniggering were weirdos but as long as you are not an insane happy wanderer whose smile is a grimmace of conformity then hey, enjoy it.

So here are a few songs dedicated to some those gigglers and smirkers I came across today as I laughed to myself about. Who knows why they're laughing but hopefully it because of a lot of really really unimportant but personally super things.

Altered Images - I Could Be Happy.

Lou Rawls - You've Made Me So Very Happy

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