20 Aug 2008

Aquarium Drunk Shit Blues

Off to St Andrews on Saturday for a stag do and this post is a little marker to note my growing excitment. Not planning to expel bodily fluids like the gentlemen above but looking to rip it up big style and keep it going all Saturday and into Sunday. Monday and Tuesday are recovery days and Hell boy 2 awaits to help me through alcohol fuelled fear.

The Aquarium mention is because St Andrews has one and I thought it would be good to get drunk and ride the man-of-tees or fight the sharks, but that does not look like it has been sanctioned by the Stag Committee for the exploition of Darren (BIG SHOUT TO D).

So anyhoo. have added a couple of tracks to hopefully reflect what maybe be felt, experienced and tasted by us all or atleast the groom to be.

Ramones - Somebody Put Something In My Drink

Reverend Horton Heat - Beer30

PS> here is the trailer to a film that accurately reflects 1980s cinema. Boyhood memories scream for you to watch it when it is on late at night and then reality reveals it ti be utterly shite.

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The MagicStick said...

Woo! Can't wait.

By the way that picture above is hilarious!