10 Aug 2008

Isaac Hayes Has Left The Building

Just seen that soul legend Isaac Hayes has passed away. It was just a couple of weeks ago i was sitting on the sofa drunk, watching a documentary about Stax records which reminded me how fantastic his contribution to soul was and is. A couple of tracks will follow tomorrow in respect. In the meanwhile here's Isaac.

Addition - Hey folks. Hope you like the video. Was playing football tonight and dedicated my first goal to the big man. All blogs worth their name are posting tracks so I will just add one. One of my favourites. Glen Campbell did it in a country frat boy stylee, Frank Sinatra did it in a smokin' joe camel style and isaac, well his is essential. His story come sermon is just super smooth with tapping symbols, an eternal organ hum and sweeping strings. I reccommend the 12 minute version from Hot Buttered Soul.

Also please check Moistwork's posting from a few weeks which was a homage to Shaft.

Isaac Hayes - By The Time I Get To Phoenix

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