19 Jan 2009

Crepe de Sollie

Everything is new. Obama will be the new el presidente tomorrow. Man Utd are top of the league. There are two new temps in my team. My trackie top is a recent gift. Flight of the Conchords is back. the Simpsons and Family Guy return next week. I'm trying new recipes from my big book of fart enducing veggieness and I am working on a new design for the blog.

Inspired by the up and coming Shatbasses and Glasgowchivas of this world I am looking revamp the blog in more inventive manor than previous. Before I just tweeked it a little. I like my colou schemes then but now I want to overall the whole look and rearrange the layout. been working on a new graphic for the header so watch this space.

Trying to do it on my own which is making it more complicated. Shatbass, Glasgowchivas and Jobo Lee's saharan foodscape have been touched appropriately by Mr Mario and I would recccccooooommmmmeeennnnnddd anyone interested in the design of electrons of monitor vessels to check out his talents at the said sites.

So in honour of my impending newness. Here is some new music. Came across Animal Collection on one the regular blogs. It may have been Covert Curiousity. Not sure. The album is called Merriweather Post Pavillion. It's hard to describe. I get scents and tastes of SFA, Midnight Juggernaughts, Cut Copy, mostly The Beta Band and other bands that tippy toe that line between the world of dance, guitars and words. The album is pretty good. A few tracks that may need sometime to bed but others like the one below are instant treats. See what you think.

btw Listening to all 22min 43 secs of Autobahn at the mo'.

Animal Collective - Brother Sports


Allan said...

wtf? Ive put animal collective on just about every mixtape i have sent you!!!!!

jackreed said...

.......goes and looks at the cd's allan has made.....oh yeah. i have a bad habit of of not looking at tracklisting when listening to cd's folk make for me. how could i have missed that, I was sure they were new to me. doh, what ya gonna do